You have a minor break in one of the bones of the hand (5th metacarpal). It is near the knuckle and it will usually  settle in around three weeks. It may take six weeks or longer before your hand settles completely.

The finger strapping has been applied to help reduce the pain and to allow early movement. You must move your hand as soon as possible, even if this means overcoming the discomfort.

After a few weeks, remove the strapping. Use your hand as normally as possible. This will not cause further damage but heavy lifting may be sore for six to eight weeks.  Hand grip is usually not affected by this type of injury.

As the bone heals, a lump will form at the fracture site and the knuckle may not be as prominent. There may be  shortening of the bone after this type of injury. These changes will not affect the function of the hand.

Your hand (5th metacarpal) fracture:



If you are still experiencing symptoms after three months and you do not feel you are improving, please contact the Fracture Clinic on:

Telephone: 07584 580 655

Ref: 09-17-119
Review: 01/19