Patients living with Parkinson’s disease are soon to benefit from two state-of-the-art laser canes, thanks to a generous donation from Geoff Pogson, Chairman of the Wincanton Parkinson’s Group.

Laser canes are used as an aid for patients with Parkinson’s. The laser beam projects to give patients a visual cue which often breaks “freezing” episodes common in patients with Parkinson’s and allows them to take normal steps. Patients prone to such freezing episodes are often susceptible to serious falls, as their legs stop moving as they are walking.

The two laser canes donated to the hospital will be given to patients to trial so they can decide if they are interested in purchasing their own.

Each cane costs between £150 and £200, the sum of which was raised by Yarlington House Parkinson’s Garden Party last summer. In total the party raised £28,000, a large portion of which was donated to Bristol Brain Centre towards a clinical trial to test a drug which may slow down the course of the disease.

Zoe House, Senior Physiotherapist at Yeovil Hospital, said: “We would like to thank Wincanton Parkinson’s Group for their kind donation. These laser canes will be an asset to the department and will be useful for our patients to be able to trial them before they decide to purchase their own.”


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