We are delighted to announce that Debbie McCall, Information and Audit Coordinator at Yeovil Hospital’s ICU, won icnarc’s national award for Data Quality at this year’s Case Mix Programme (CMP) audit. Representing YDH’s ICU, she is one of three winners from 249 entrants in the competitive category, which includes every adult, general critical care unit across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as some specialist units.

The patient outcome audit collects data from all participating critical care units on all the patients they admit to their unit. The data from these patients is compared with the outcomes from other similar patients, other similar units and all the units in the CMP. Each unit then receives a data analysis report identifying trends over time with the aim of assisting decision-making, resource allocation and local quality improvement. This means that quality of data is paramount to good decision making based on the audit’s findings.

Debbie was surprised to find out that she had won the competitive award, saying, “To be honest, when you’re working with data every day you just think about getting the cleanest data you can; you don’t think about recognition at all, so it really was a surprise for me!

“Because I couldn’t get to the award ceremony this year, the first I heard about it was when someone from a different trust in the South West emailed congratulations. I love working with data and have designed the forms this data comes from but it’s not just down to me at all. This is the whole team, working brilliantly together and making sure all the data is collated.”

Mark Robinson, ICU Matron, said, “The department sees around 700 patients a year and clean data is critical for our performance monitoring. Debbie was surprised to have won but to the rest of us, it was no surprise at all. It is not straightforward to collect this information. Debbie works amazingly hard and with such high attention to detail – as this award recognises.”

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