Seven governors have been elected to Yeovil Hospital’s Council of Governors to represent patients, staff, and local stakeholders.

Governors play a significant role in the Trust, working with the Board of Directors to help produce future plans, and ensure that the voice of members and staff inform the Trust’s decisions.

Nominations for seven governors posts were sought by the Trust in June and July – one position was sought for each of the constituencies below:

Greater Yeovil, Mendip, South Somerset (South & West), Dorset and the Rest of Somerset and England.

And two positions for:

South Somerset (North & East)

Nominations closed on Thursday 29 July 2020, with six nominees being elected and securing the post via the election voting process and one uncontested nominee secured the post for Dorset.

  •    Dorset – Charlotte Brill (Uncontested Nomination)
  •    Great Yeovil – John Webster
  •    South Somerset (North & East) – Chris Elsworth
  •    South Somerset (North & East) – Janette Cronie
  •    South Somerset (South & West) – David Moses
  •    Mendip – Virginia Membrey
  •    Rest of Somerset and England – Alison Whitman

Terms of office will commence from Saturday 1 August 2020. Whilst they normally run for three years, Governors can serve for a maximum of nine years.

If you wish to contact your local governor, please send an email to YDH.Governors@YDH.NHS.UK or call the Corporate Services Assistant on 01935 384348 who will be able to assist. 

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