It is important to perform the following exercises four to six times per day in order for your wrist and hand to heal with maximum flexibility.

Slow controlled exercises are more effective and more comfortable than quick movements.

You may experience some discomfort initially with these exercises which can be eased with the use of a cold damp towel wrapped around your wrist for five to ten minutes.

If pain persists, please contact your GP or your physiotherapist.


To reduce the swelling in your hand, it is essential that you follow the instructions below:

  • Keep you hand above your heart when standing and walking, using a sling or collar and cuff if provided
  • When sitting or lying, support your arm on pillows at heart height
  • Regular movements are important to decrease swelling

Exercises – repeat each ten times

  1. With your elbow bent to 90 degrees and fixed into your waist, turn your palm up to the ceiling and down to the floor. With your elbow bent to 90 degrees and fixed into your  waist, turn your palm up to the ceiling  and down to the floor.
  2. Resting forearm on  table, with thumb pointing towards the ceiling, bend wrist  forwards and backwards with fingers relaxed.
  3. Resting forearm on table, gently move wrist towards floor and then up towards the ceiling.
  4. Bend your finger tips to touch the middle of your palm. Use your other hand to help bend the fingers further. Then fully straighten your fingers.
  5. Bend the tip of your thumb across your palm to touch the tip of each finger.
  6. Circle your thumb as wide as possible, stretching the space between your thumb and index finger.
  7. Open and close your fingers.
  8. Bend and straighten your elbow.
  9. Stretch your arm above your head with your elbow straight, make a fist  and then open your fingers and thumb.


Following the removal of your plaster, you may start to use your hand for light activities, as pain allows.

Driving – You will be advised by your consultant or physiotherapist when it is safe for you to drive again.

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