Cancellation policy: To get a full refund 24 hours’ notice is required. For booking of 28 days or more the amount refunded will reflect on the amount of days stayed, the discount rate will only apply if the total stay is more than 28 days. A refund will be provided through PayPal within two working days.

Privacy Policy: We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

Check-in/ Check-out times: Check-in time is 13:00, if you book a room and require it before this time we can not guarantee the room will be cleaned in time. Check-out time is 10am. If you require a room past this time you will need to extend your booking for an extra night.

Payments: For bookings of 28 days or more payments can be made on a monthly basis for this you will need to contact the accommodation office on if a midterm payment is not made within seven days of the payment date your booking will be cancelled.

Parking: Parking is £2.50 per day and is for the Yellow or White Zone only. Please ensure your car registration is provided when making a booking as all car parks are managed by an ANPR system. It is your responsibility to ensure you have parked In the correct car park. Any parking charge notices that are received for parking in the incorrect car park will not be cancelled

Access: We may need to access your room to provide a cleaning and maintenance service at short notice. If you are sleeping and do not want to be disturbed please put the do not disturb sign on your door handle.

Cleaning: Communal areas are cleaned on a regular basis. Rooms are only cleaned at the end of every booking. Bedding and linen is provided in the cupboard of the corridor in each flat.

It is the responsibility of the people staying in the flat to ensure the kitchen is cleaned. No food should be left in the flat when you leave.

Lost property: Any items/ belongings that are left in a room or flat after check-out will be kept for no longer then four weeks. Please contact the accommodation office if you think you have left something behind.

Contact us:

Accommodtaion office
Phone Number: 01935 475122
Direct Line (Office Hours Only): 01935 383459
Email Address:

Onsite accommodation address:

Higher Kingston
BA21 4AT