“I am going to tell you about your MRI scan. MRI means Magnetic Resonance Imaging and it helps the doctors to look inside you by taking pictures with the help of a giant magnet. And the best part is, it doesn’t even hurt!”


1.An MRI Radiographer, which is a fancy name for the nice person who will be taking your pictures, will meet you and your parents at the hospital. The MRI Radiographer will then explain to you and your parents how everything will work, and ask your parents to fill out a safety questionnaire.

2.Before you can enter the MRI room you must be sure to remove anything metal from your pockets and clothes. Metal items can cause the pictures to not turn out right. These items might include jewellery, money, pens, paper clips, keys, watches and such. You don’t have to worry; your items will be stored safely in a locker or given to your parents.

3.Your MRI Radiographer will let your parents know what you should wear and to be sure that there are no metal buttons, fasteners or zips on your clothes. You may even bring in a CD of your favourite music to listen to; it will make the time go by much faster.

4.Next, the MRI Radiographer will bring you and your parents into the MRI room. You will lie down on a bed by the opening of the machine and the MRI Radiographer will give you some headphones that you can listen to your music with. They will also give you a button to use so you can talk to the MRI Radiographer at any time.

5.When you are ready, the MRI Radiographer will slide you into the MRI machine; your parents will be very close to you. The picture taking will last around 15-30 minutes and there will be a sound like a loud fast knocking noise.

It is very important that you do not move during the picture taking. If you move at all, such as talking, turning your head, wiggling or moving your head-phones, the pictures will not turn out right and you will have to start all over.

If you would like this information in another format or in a different language, please ask a member of staff.

Ref: 27-16-111
Review: 06/18