Yeovil Hospital is launching a campaign to encourage and celebrate the little moments of community support and kindness that keep us well during winter.

Just a few moments spent with a neighbour or family member, either popping round for a brief visit, or over the telephone, can make a bigger difference than many of us realise. By simply asking ‘how are you?’ and checking a few everyday things, such as heating, food and drink, lighting, and medications, you can easily help someone stay in control of their health and wellbeing, and maybe even prevent an unnecessary trip to the doctor or hospital.

The hospital wants to capture some of the stories and images of this neighbourhood and family spirit in action by encouraging people to grab a photo and post it, together with a few words, on the #howru hashtag.

Sharon Field, Nurse and Sister of Yeovil Hospital’s Frail and Older Persons Assessment Service said,

“The NHS will always be here to help you when you are unwell, but there is so much we can all do to keep each other healthy in winter.

“Popping in and asking “How are you?” can often lead to us making a huge difference to people’s health.”

Just like in the village of Oborne, Dorset where they’ve banded together to help their 80 year old neighbour get better at home instead of having to go into hospital.

Left photo: Karen (right) with her neighbour who’s back to full strength thanks to her and Oborne neighbours’ soup and support!
Right photo: The monthly Oborne breakfast club celebrate their story of success in supporting their neighbour back to good health.

Karen told us the story of how good soup and support got her neighbour back on his feet:

“My neighbour is an 80 year old gentleman living on his own. He was feeling very unwell and called me for help and advice. He hadn’t called 111, so that was our first step. A doctor called back within a few hours and advised him to keep warm and drink plenty of fluids.

“I called in at meal times with his favourite soup or something to try and tempt his appetite.”

He hadn’t really eaten in several days, so I ensured that I called in at meal times with his favourite soup or something to try and tempt his appetite. Another neighbour took him to his GP who confirmed that he had flu. He was recovering slowly and his appetite increased day by day.

“A week later, when I telephoned to see how he was, the news was not good. He had been sick, felt very unwell and was not eating at all. He felt awful and wanted to call an ambulance as he felt he was possibly in danger.

“We called 111 again, they were amazing!”

“We called 111 again, they were amazing! A Doctor called back within two hours and a paramedic was sent within seven hours. Simply knowing that help was coming seemed to be a tonic and his demeanor changed completely.

“The paramedic was wonderful and explained fully why my neighbour had been sick and felt the way he did. Another neighbour from our wonderful village of Oborne visited with delicious meals and kept an eye on him.

“Several days of more visits from kindly neighbours bearing food and chats and he is now well on his way to recovery.

“Thank goodness for our wonderful village of Oborne, our community spirit and 111!”

Let’s celebrate these little moments – the community and family support that binds us together, helps stop winter in its tracks and supports the NHS and social care. Share a photo of you with the ones you help support on #howru.

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