The philosophy of the Queensway treatment and rehabilitation unit, also known as the Day Centre, is to provide a quick, responsive, flexible patient-centred service in a comfortable environment conducive to improvement in health.

Queensway provides outpatient healthcare facilities which encompass multi-professional assessment and rehabilitation for older people, with the aim of providing, as far as possible, a convenient, one-stop service. This has been extended to provide both blood and drug infusions, which have also now been made available to younger people.

The day-to-day organisation has adapted to cope with increasing numbers of patients so the tradition of people attending for a full day has now been replaced by the provision of care on a sessional basis. The option still remains for some patients to stay all day and a hot lunch is on the menu for those who want it.

A typical day may see up to 60 patients attending morning or afternoon sessions for infusions, comprehensive tests and treatments, therapy, groups or education sessions.

The Unit is particularly proud of the role it plays in chronic disease management through partnerships with primary care teams. By regular review, people with such conditions can be monitored and inappropriate hospital admissions can be reduced, an example being stroke patients and those suffering with Parkinson’s Disease.

The Unit provides an ideal venue for specialist clinics, and currently runs TIA (Transient Ischaemic Attack) clinics, clinics for older people and general medicine clinics. Ruth Goodland, the Parkinson’s Disease Nurse Specialist, is based in the Unit and is therefore easily accessible to many of the patients and their relatives/carers.

The Queensway Treatment and Rehabilitation Unit provide an improved and effective role at the interface of primary and secondary care and contributes to the concept of ‘seamless care’.

The Unit can be contacted on:

Telephone: 01935 384875
Email: or