The Pathology Department is located on level 3 and works in partnership with Taunton and Somerset Hospital NHS Foundation Trust pathology laboratories as part of the Somerset Pathology Service.


The laboratories receive patient samples from GPs, outpatients, inpatients and from other hospitals in the area.

The Haematology Laboratory (including transfusion) tests samples for infection, anaemia, blood clotting, etc. and carries out patient blood grouping and screening prior to issue of suitable products for transfusion.

The Chemical Pathology Laboratory tests samples for the function of kidney, liver, thyroid and heart. They also test for the diagnosis and control of diabetes.

The Cellular Pathology Laboratory provides routine histopathological diagnosis, using a wide variety of techniques including paraffin and resin processing and special stains from surgically-excised specimens. Tissue samples are examined by the naked-eye and microscopically to investigate, diagnose and monitor diseases and gain other clinically significant information, for example cancer diagnoses. Specialised techniques are used to assist the assessment of tissue samples. Cells from Fine Needle Aspirates, fluids, urine and sputum samples are microscopically examined for diagnosis of disease. Smears taken for cervical cytology investigations are processed at the regional cytology laboratory at Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.

The Morbid Anatomy team provide a post-mortem service for both the hospital and the Coroner. Any tissues removed at post mortem are processed in the laboratory.

Andrology provides an appointment-based service investigating fertility issues and assisted conception.

Microbiology is not on site but samples are regularly sent to the laboratory at Taunton for testing and reporting.

Please call Pathology reception for all general enquiries on 01935 475122 ext 4298; reception is open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Direct dial 01935 384298