We care about what you have to say about your experience with us. We value your feedback and will use it to inform our plans for the future. We want to ensure that you have, and will continue to have, the best possible experience whilst under our care.

We collect your feedback at the end of your appointment with us, either at the dedicated touch-screen terminal or with one of our short, specially tailored forms. This information is then analysed and passed on to the appropriate parties. Please tell us honestly what you thought of your experience, whether bad or good as this allows us to better shape our service.

Below, you will find a short online form that you can fill in if you want to tell us more about your experience. This is confidential and very important to us. We welcome your words, whether negative or positive. You can also find some comments from real patients below, and on our NHS Choices page.

We look forwards to hearing from you.