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Message from Sallyann King, Interim director of midwifery, and Donna Butland, chair of Somerset Maternity Voices Partnership

We recognise that the findings of the Ockenden report may be emotional, distressing and difficult for many of you to hear and read. We want to offer our support and reassure you. Becoming a parent and bringing a child into the world are life changing events that are remembered forever. We want to ensure that you receive the care, support and understanding that you need.

We strive to always provide kind and safe care to our Somerset women, pregnant people and their families. Our maternity teams are here to do this, we hope that you always feel listened to and supported during your maternity journey but if this is not the case please let us know so that we can support you and make the right changes to ensure this happens.

Our maternity services work closely with our Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) to ensure your voices are being heard and decisions are made together and we will continue to work together to implement the changes asked of us from the Ockenden findings. You can talk to the MVP to share your feedback and experience anonymously or you can contact either of us directly with any concerns or questions.

Sallyann King – or

Somerset Maternity Voices Partnership

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Yeovil Maternity Service serves the population of East Somerset and North Dorset and is based at Yeovil Hospital. If you choose to come to YDH to have your baby you will be cared for by a friendly, experienced team of midwives who, together with their obstetric and paediatric colleagues, strive to achieve excellent outcomes for mothers and babies.

Women can choose to have their babies at home, in the maternity led unit or in the obstetric unit.

We are passionate about the quality of care we provide, focusing on your needs throughout every stage of your pregnancy journey.

For women choosing us to care for them during pregnancy, birth and beyond, we aim to provide high quality maternity care with a personal approach. We are very proud of the fact that our midwives prioritise providing one to one care in labour to support women and their partners through this life changing event. Through giving women with no pregnancy complications the confidence to give birth vaginally we find that many are able to avoid prolonged or difficult labours.

We equally strive to ensure that women with risk factors are fully supported throughout their pregnancies and receive an excellent standard of high risk care in labour with close monitoring from our consultant obstetricians and their teams.

We are proud to work closely with our local Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP). Somerset MVP  is chaired by Donna Butland and is an independent forum for women and families to share their experiences and feedback with maternity services in Somerset. We work together to implement the Better Births plan within our Trust and across Somerset. For more information on Somerset MVP click here

For those with access to Facebook, the maternity team runs a page with up-to-date information about clinics, contact numbers and much more, including the launch of our monthly Facebook Live session with our midwives. The sessions are on a variety of topics and get saved on the page so they can be watched again at any time. For our Facebook page, click here

Maternity arrangements during the coronavirus pandemic

Updated 3rd May 2022

We are very pleased to tell you that we can now welcome visiting of family and friends back into our maternity units.

In order to protect other patients and our staff we are unable to allow children (including siblings) into the hospital.

Where appropriate, we will continue to  provide virtual appointments over the phone of via video call.

Do not attend if you or someone in your household has any of the COVID-19 symptoms. If you have a booked appointment while positive, please call for guidance.

We strongly advise you to use COVID-19 lateral flow tests before attending the hospital. You can order these online here and this will give you added peace of mind while keeping our staff and other pregnant women using our services safe.

Antenatal Clinic / Scans: One support person for all appointments (children cannot attend these medical appointments)

Labour Ward: During your labour and birth, you can have 2 birth partners with you

Freya Ward: Your partner will be able to stay overnight for the first night following the birth of your baby on the postnatal ward, partners will be asked to sign and follow a contract of expectations whilst on the ward. Between 2pm-8pm, you can have 3 people, adults or (yours/your partners) children with you at your bedside.

SCBU: Parents of babies in our Neonatal/Special Care departments can be with their baby 24 hours a day.

All visitors must be well and have no symptoms of Covid 19.

Whist visiting please wear a face mask and use the hand sanitiser.

Do NOT visit the hospital if you are feeling unwell – this includes symptoms of the coronavirus or for 48 hours after sickness. If you are in labour or are concerned about your pregnancy but have any COVID-19 symptoms – temperature 38 degrees C or above, continuous cough, loss of taste/smell, please notify the staff when you call the labour ward.Please refer to Yeovil Hospital Maternity Unit Facebook page for up-to-date local information or speak to your midwife. For general advice on the coronavirus, please follow Government advice on or


If you have any questions, please contact:

YDH: Alison Dennett. Deputy Head of Midwifery

If you would like to share feedback regarding your maternity care, please contact Somerset Maternity Voices Partnership (@tag) Email



What mum says…

Fantastic care provided – staff were very helpful and went out of their way to help me provide the best care for my baby whilst also meeting both our health needs to a high standard.”

About the maternity department

Ground floor

The ground floor of the Women’s Hospital contains the main reception area, antenatal clinic and scan department. Antenatal clinics, booking appointments and midwives drop in services run from the ground floor and operate daily.

The ground floor of the women’s hospital has a private room with space for those wishing to breastfeed whilst waiting for appointments who require the privacy to do so. Baby change facilities are available within the disabled toilet opposite the main waiting area.

Refreshments are available via two vending machines in the main waiting area, the vending machines contain fresh food such as sandwiches cold drinks and a variety of snacks.


First Floor

Jasmine is a ward situated in the Women’s Hospital on the first floor, specialising in gynaecology. Staff care for ladies undergoing elective gynaecological surgery and run specialist Colposcopy, Fast Track, Menorrhagia and Gynaecology Minor Procedure clinics

Jasmine ward also provides care for women experiencing problems in early pregnancy, up to 20 weeks’ gestation. Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic (EPAC) and Emergency Gynaecology Assessment Unit (GAU) services are also located on Jasmine ward.

Second floor

On the second floor is Freya Ward staffed by midwives and support workers to provide antenatal and postnatal care for women and their babies. Freya ward consists of 12 beds including four newly refurbished en-suite side rooms.

There is also a small kitchen area for women to help themselves to refreshments and a nursery with areas to bath and change babies.

Visiting times for Freya Ward are between 10am and 10pm for parents and their own children/stepchildren (any age)

All other visitors are permitted from 2pm – 7pm

*please note that children 11 years old and under are not allowed on Freya Ward.

We kindly ask that you do not bring flowers to Freya ward when visiting friends and family.

Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) is also located at the far end of Freya ward on the 2nd floor. SCBU has recently been fully refurbished, thanks to the fundraising efforts of Yeovil Hospital Charity’s Flying Colours Appeal and have facilities to care for up to eight babies.

Day Care Assessment Unit (DCAU) is located on  floor 2 and is run by a small dedicated team of midwives alongside obstetricians to provide antenatal outpatient services for women with high risk pregnancies or those requiring extra care on an appointment based system.

Third floor

The labour ward is on the third floor and is dedicated to the care of women in labour or those in need of care from over 20 weeks’ gestation. The five labour rooms are named after flowers and have specially commissioned art work, all refurbished labour rooms have a private en-suite bathroom and ensure a cosy and comfortable home from home feel, ideal for labour.

Labour ward also offers a large birthing pool in our Waterlily room located across the main corridor for added privacy.

Maternity theatres are located at the far end of Labour ward and staff are able to deliver both emergency and elective care for women requiring caesarean section, emergency or operative procedures.

Midwifery team.

Sallyann King – Interim director of midwifery across Yeovil Hospital and Somerset FT

Alison Dennett – Maternity Matron

Stephanie Larcombe  – Transformation Lead Midwife

Dawn Sherry – Named Midwife for Safeguarding

Hannah Roe – Maternity Risk Manager

Kate Beaumont  – Public Health Midwifery Clinical Lead

Cher Smith – Infant Feeding Specialist

Bev Barrett – Digital Lead Midwife

Lily Tiller/Amy Simpson – Community Lead Midwife

Judy Atkin – Labour Ward Lead Midwife

Eleanor Holyoak- Freya Ward Lead Midwife

Obstetric team.

Lydia Karamura – Obstetric Clinical Director.

Krishna Murala – Consultant Obstetrician.

Ahmar Shah – Consultant Obstetrician.

Fatima Shah – Consultant Obstetrician.

Nadia Soliman – Consultant Obstetrician.

Yulia Nicholson – Consultant Obstetrician.

Ayman Fouad – Consultant Obstetrician.



The WREN team are a group of midwives who aim to provide additional support to you and your family during pregnancy and after your baby is born.

We know that pregnancy, for many, is a happy time. But for some, it can also highlight personal circumstances which you may need support with in order for you to feel confident in your new role as a parent. The WREN team midwives have all undergone additional training to be able to support with these issues in a flexible and non-judgmental way.

If you feel you would benefit from additional help during your pregnancy please discuss this with your midwife who will refer you.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to contact us directly please call us on 01823 342202 or email us on



Cedar Midwives cover the furthest boarders of the Yeovil catchment area and cover GP surgeries at Apples, Bruton, Castle Carey, Grove Medical Centre, Milborne Port, Queen Camel, Wincanton and Yetminster.

Each surgery has an appointed midwife attached to each surgery that regularly runs an antenatal clinic however you may see a different midwife within the team during your antenatal and postnatal care. Due to the small number of women in some of these areas some antenatal clinics run every other week.

The Cedar team also run a clinic from the Balsam Centre in Wincanton every Friday from 9am-11pm. Please book these directly with the Balsam Centre as this is no longer a drop in service.

To speak with a member of the Cedar team please call 01935 384449. This is not a manned telephone line but for all non-urgent enquires please leave your name, telephone number and a message. A member of the team will contact you within the next working day.

Cedar Team Community Midwives:


Sue Andrews

Vanessa Monk

Lisa Bradshaw

Lin Crocker-Eakins

Caroline Graham

Caroline Loder

Maple Continuity of care Team caseload women who are registered with GP surgeries Oaklands, Preston Grove and Yeovil Health Centre.

Antenatal care will be provided at St Peters Community hub, Coronation Avenue, Yeovil.

To speak with a member of the Maple team please call 01935 384914. This is not a manned telephone line but for all non-urgent enquires please leave your name, telephone number and a message and a member of the team will contact you within the next working day.

Maple Team Community Midwives:


Nadine Horgan

Tarnya Price

Rebecca Linford

Sally Keeping

Mel Terry

Megan Forrester

We are also pleased to provide a small team of midwives who specialise and are passionate about homebirth and are pleased to support low risk women who choose to have their baby at home. Please see the Homebirth Page for more information if you are considering a homebirth or would like to discuss the options available to you.

The Meadow Team currently hold virtual monthly informal ‘Meadow Meets’.

This is a great opportunity to meet all of the team, then when your labour starts the midwife who comes to look after you will be familiar to you.

If you are undecided about having a home birth you are very welcome to join, you will meet the team as well as other parents who will be either planning a homebirth or have already had one and they will be happy to answer any questions you have.  Just ask your community midwife to ensure you are sent a link to the next meeting.

Team leader: Lily Tiller

Sarah Champion

Jess Fry

Sara East

Lucy Macartney



Oak Continuity of Care Team caseload women who are registered with GP surgeries at Pennhill, Ryalls Park Hendford Lodge and Abbey Manor ( Diamond Health Group)

Antenatal care will be provided at St Peters Community hub, Coronation Avenue, Yeovil.

To speak with a member of the Oak team please call 01935 384808. This is not a manned telephone line but for all non-urgent enquires please leave your name, telephone number and a message and a member of the team will contact you within the next working day.

Oak Team Community Midwives:

Beth Salisbury

Emily Boulton

Jane Kennard

Trish Alston

Louise Hooper

Sacha Lapham

Rowan team cover GP surgeries at Crewkerne, Illchester, Martock, Somerton South Petherton, Stoke Sub Hamdon and West Coker.

Each surgery has an appointed midwife attached to each surgery that regularly runs an antenatal clinic however you may see a different midwife within the team during your antenatal and postnatal care . Due to the small number of women in some of these areas some antenatal clinics run every other week.

To speak with a member of the Rowan team please call 01935 384489. This is not a manned telephone line but for all non-urgent enquires please leave your name, telephone number and a message and a member of the team will contact you within the next working day.

Rowan Team Community Midwives:

Jacqueline Cole

Sophie Smith

Julia Evans

Sarah Warman

Jennie Cooper

We also have a variety of midwives who also work within specialist roles within different areas of maternity

Sara Stride – Midwifery Lecturer Practitioner

Sally Culliford – Practice Educator

Natalie Avery & Becky Cockings – Bereavement Specialist Midwives and  Antenatal and Newborn screening  coordinators.

Trudie Fage – Antenatal clinic and Day Care Lead Midwife.

Judy Atkin – Midwifery lead for labour ward

Elly Holyoak – Midwifery lead for Freya ward

Lily Tiller – Midwifery lead for community

Cher Smith – Public Health Lead Midwife


Day Care Assessment Unit (DCAU) consists of a team of experienced midwives that run the daily outpatient clinic. The midwives work alongside our obstetric colleagues to provide care for women needing extra monitoring in their pregnancy.

DCAU is open every day of the week from 09.00-1900 weekdays and on weekends at 09.00 -15.00. DCAU have booked appointment slots for women needing monitoring for pregnancy specific conditions such as:

  • Reduced fetal movements
  • Obstetric cholestasis
  • Rupture of membranes (waters breaking)
  • Raised blood pressure
  • Review of ultrasound scans
  • Anti D administration
  • Ferinject infusions for low iron levels

You may be referred for a DCAU appointment by your community midwife, from antenatal clinic or if you call the labour ward with concerns. The assessment and monitoring in DCAU may involve observations, monitoring the baby’s heart rate, blood tests or emergency scans if necessary. Each treatment and plan of care will be discussed fully with you at your appointment. DCAU can be busy at times so please be patient if it takes a while to ensure you receive the best care, there may be times when our doctors are called to attend emergencies elsewhere which may delay your visit. If you are concerned about you and/or your baby please contact labour ward in the first instance on 01935 384350 and you will be guided on what to do next.

For any admission or appointment please make sure you bring your handheld pregnancy notes with you to enable us to give you the best and most accurate care possible.

DCAU Contact: 01935 383127

DCAU Midwives

Izzy Bramwell

Lyn Crocker-Eakins

Sally Culliford

Sarah Jaeger

Meg Perkins

Louisa Schreiber

Emma Clarke

Pick up and drop-off spaces

Pick up and drop-off spaces, offering a maximum of 20-minutes free parking, are available outside the Women’s Hospital entrance. These are monitored by automatic number plate recognition cameras. Vehicles parked for longer than the allowed time in these areas or other parts of the hospital site may incur a parking charge notice.

Please use these spaces for drop-off and collection only.

More information about getting to Yeovil Hospital and parking can be found here:

Car parking and how to find us