Seizure type:




  • Once the seizure has stopped, place the child in a safe, comfortable position maintaining their airway
  • Allow the child to rest
  • Keep record of seizure
  • Remain calm & reassure child
  • Note the time the seizure started
  • Ensure area is safe
  • Get help
  • Ensure other children are safe and away from area
  • Allow seizure to run its course BUT follow individual care plan

Do not

  • Move the child unless they are in danger
  • Put anything in their mouths
  • Restrict their movements
  • Leave them unattended

Emergency plan

  • Seizure has lasted for more than ___ minutes
  • Administer pre-filled syringe of Midazolam into the Buccal Cavity (between lower gums and cheek) in a horizontal way
  • Support child’s head and gently open mouth
  • Medicine is absorbed into the blood stream
  • No harm cause if swallowed
  • If seizure continues for further ___ minutes give second dose


  • It is the first time having Midazolam
  • You have had to give 2 doses
  • Child has breathing problems/colour changes
Ref: 10-19-133
Review: 06/21