What is pulmonary rehabilitation?

Many people with a lung condition become short of breath whilst carrying out their every day activitie s. Being short of breath can be very frightening and subsequently some people reduce the amount of activity they do. However, avoiding these activities can lead to decreased fitness and even more breathlessness.

Pulmonary rehabilitation is designed to help you manage your brea thlessness, improve your fitness and ability to carry out daily activities. It also helps to increase your confid ence, improve your knowledge and understanding of living with a lung cond ition .

Who will benefit from pulmonary rehabilitation? Pulmonary rehabilitation is aimed at people who have been diagnosed with a chronic lung condition and experience breathlessness in their daily life. It is essential that individuals are motivated to take part in the programme to gain the full benefits .

How can I take part in pulmonary rehabilitation?

To take part in a rehabilitation course you would need to be referred to the Somerset BOC Community Respiratory Service. The easiest way to be referred is to contact your GP who can refer you directly to us.

Pulmonary rehabilitation courses

A pulmonary rehabilitation course is a six-week programme of exercise and ed ucation , led by a respiratory physiotherapist or nurse. After an initial assessment appointment, you will be

required to attend twice-weekly exercise sessions, each lasting two hours. There are a maximum of 16 people in each group, providing a supportive and friendly a tmosphere .

  • A graded exercise programme tailored to your individual needs
  • Educational talk covering all aspects of your lung condition
  • The exercise programme

The exercise programme consists of different exercises which are designed to improve upper and lower limb strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Additionally, a home exercise programme is provided to allow you to continue the exercises in your own home.

The educational talks

Covers various topics including:

  • Breathing control
  • Panic and anxiety management
  • How the lung works and lung disease
  • The benefits of exercise
  • Managing activities of daily living
  • Relaxation
  • Medications
  • Nutrition

Where do the courses take place?

We aim to bring this service as close to your home as possi?le by running the courses in local leisure centres and community centre s.

Courses are currently held in Chilthorne Domer, Norton Fitzwarren, Bridgwater and Wanstrow. See the back page of this leaflet for details regarding venues.

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Review: 12/22