The newly founded Kingston Wing Iron Clinic is the latest addition to the private services offered at Yeovil Hospital. The clinic has been set up to meet the needs of patients who would like a private review and treatment of iron deficiency.

Patient Testimonial: “I can now walk up hills and stairs without being short of breath.  I’ve not had one episode of restless legs which was a regular occurrence for me.  My nails are as strong as anything after being brittle for years and I’ve got so much more energy”.

The impact of iron deficiency

Iron deficiency is a problem which can profoundly affect people’s lives. Iron deficiency is present in the vast majority of cases of anaemia; however it can be under-treated.

Iron deficiency is frequently highlighted with other co-morbidities, for example long term autoimmune inflammatory conditions, diabetes, heart and kidney disease.

As well as causing a reduction in the quality of life for the patient, iron deficiency significantly impacts other co-morbidities and could delay planned surgery. iron deficiency increases the risk of stroke, the risk of falls and delays the healing process.

Iron deficiency will reduce the ability and prevent the inclination to exercise for weight loss and cardiac health.

Not only does iron deficiency have an impact on physical health, but also on mental health. Iron deficiency causes low mood, depression and fatigue.  It can lead to reduction in the ability to work and socialise.  It can also cause hair thinning and restless legs.

Requesting a referral to the Iron Clinic

Correcting iron deficiency is simple and quick.  Please ask your GP to complete the referral form below and ensure that the following blood samples have been taken within the previous month:

  • FBC
  • Haematinics (folate, ferritin & B12)
  • Transferrin Saturation if there are any inflammatory conditions, high BMI, alcoholism, kidney or heart disease etc.

Printable GP referral to private Iron Clinic

Alternatively, these tests can be arranged by the clinic at an additional cost.

Review and treatment

Following a full review of your blood results, you will receive a telephone call. This telephone appointment will include discussions of the possible treatment options.

If it is agreed that an iron infusion would be beneficial, this will be arranged to take place in a private lounge in the Kingston Wing, Yeovil Hospital at a date and time to fit in with your diary.

The iron infusion procedure will take a little over an hour.


Consultation £200

Iron infusion £450

Investigations for the underlying cause of iron deficiency is not the responsibility of the iron clinic and is not part of the service offered.