The old style round £1 coin will no longer be accepted in shops, bars, restaurants or any other retail outlets from 15th October. Yeovil Hospital Charity is asking people to have a look around at home and donate any you find to the charity, to help make a difference for patients.

James Kirton, Head of Fundraising, said, “If people don’t do something with these coins before the deadline, they are going to be useless, so we are suggesting people do something meaningful with them and bring them into the hospital. All the money raised by Yeovil Hospital Charity is spent right here at Yeovil Hospital so what better use is there for your old £1 coins.”

People are being encouraged to check everywhere. Down the back of the sofa, under your car seats, in your piggy banks and coin jars. Yeovil Hospital Charity is hoping that if everyone can find a few, it could add up to several thousand pounds and allow them to buy some new medical equipment for the hospital.

James Kirton added, ‘This is something that everyone can get involved in. Everyone has a few coins somewhere and now is the time to dig them out. Children can join in too and we are hoping some local schools will get on board and encourage parents and pupils to bring their old coins into school. Patient monitors which track and display patients’ vital signs are £10,000 each so it would be great if we could collect enough for a new monitor. There are over 10,000 homes in Yeovil alone so if each household could donate just one, that would make a huge difference to local patients. If you have a few old pounds to help patients here at the hospital, please bring them in!”

You can drop your old pound coins at the hospital’s main reception or at any of the coffee shops in the hospital. TSB in Yeovil have also kindly offered to act as a collection point so you can drop your old coins in the Yeovil TSB branch on King George Street.

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