Please look after your plaster – they are expensive and time consuming to apply.

You should contact the plaster room or Emergency Department immediately for advice if you have any worries about your plaster, especially if:

  • Your fingers/toes become swollen and blue or pale, numb and cold (compared with uninjured side)
  • You have sudden severe pain in limb (not relieved by painkillers, rest or elevation)
  • The plaster gets wet or softens
  • The plaster becomes loose and uncomfortable or cracks
  • You get a ‘blister-like’ sensation or discharge from under the cast
  • You drop anything down the cast accidently (a pressure sore may develop)

Please allow the plaster to dry naturally. Plaster of Paris takes 48 hours; synthetic casts take one hour.

If you have been fitted with a removable soft cast splint, you need to adjust the splint using the Velcro straps to ensure the splint is fitting correctly. If the splint is uncomfortable or does not fit the limb correctly, you should contact the plaster room.

  • Use your crutches as instructed – but rest as much as possible for the first week after injury to avoid swelling
  • Keep limb raised as high as possible whenever resting, especially at night, to reduce swelling
  • Exercise all un-plastered joints as much as possible to maintain circulation and movement
  • Attend your next Fracture/Emergency Department clinic appointment (any problems with transport, contact your GP)
  • Return your crutches to the Emergency Department or physiotherapist
  • Protect your bedding/furniture for 48 hours whilst the plaster is drying – only rest limb on soft surfaces, eg, pillows

Do not drive! – until you have contacted your insurers regarding insurance cover
Do not get the cast wet
Do not scratch under your cast with anything or a wound/ulcer may develop
Do not put weight on your cast until instructed to do so
Do not leave your limb hanging down, especially in the first week after the injury or operation
Do not rest your leg on hard surfaces, eg, coffee table
Do not lift anything heavy if you have a fractured wrist/arm
Do not worry if there is bruising up your limb – this is common after injury
Do not try to dry the cast near a fire or radiator
Do not apply nail polish to the injured limb whilst the cast is on

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact:

Plaster Room
From 8.30 am–4.00 pm Monday–Friday
01935 384 226

Emergency Department
01935 384 355

If you need this information in another format, please telephone:
01935 384256

Ref: 07-17-115
Review: 03/19