A pioneering new music installation which aims to raise awareness and deepen insight around living with dementia will launch to the public at Yeovil Hospital next Thursday (19 May).

The installation is the brainchild of composer-in-residence, Marc Yeats, a leading contemporary composer and visual artist.

This new work forms an integral part of the Refound Sound project, a collaboration between Yeovil and Dorset County Hospital and the Arts Council of England to bring music into hospitals.

It will feature pre-recorded vocal music on six different stereo channels playing concurrently and continuously in a designated space where people can explore Marc’s compositional response to his research and experiences of speaking with people who live with, or care for those with, dementia.

Marc said: “This installation comes from a different angle from anything that’s been done before in a hospital setting, in terms of an artistic response to dementia. Rather than being of direct therapeutic benefit to patients, it represents a personal, artistic, intuitive response to the experiences I’ve encountered with dementia over the past months here as composer-in-residence.

“The choral piece will play continuously over six different channels, initially in the hospital here, and, in the future, in other hospitals, at art exhibitions and arts and health conferences.”

Janine Valentine, Nurse Consultant for Older People, said of the launch: “We are very excited about this event as we see this as a unique opportunity to raise awareness about dementia from a completely different angle. It will be both evocative and provocative and certainly get people talking about dementia, which is exactly what we want in dementia awareness week”


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