New visiting restrictions from 24 March 2020 

To help us minimise the potential spread of the coronavirus among patients and staff, please read and follow these new arrangements which apply to all visitors to Yeovil Hospital.

From 24 March 2020 no visiting will be allowed, unless there are exceptional circumstances:
– Patient receiving end of life care.
– Patients under the age of 18 (one parent/ guardian only)
– Specific reasons of safety (dementia or learning disability    where anxiety would be increased significantly)

These restrictions will be enforced to reduce the risk to patients, staff and any visitors, and to maintain the Government’s direction on social isolation.

Maternity unit:

Message from our midwives:
For the safety of you and your baby, as well as our staff, please attend all appointments alone. We welcome one partner to support you when you are in active labour but we have to limit the number of people entering the hospital at this time. There are a few exceptional circumstances but this must be agreed with the maternity team prior to your appointment time.
Our wonderful radiology team perform your scans in small rooms so this unfortunately also needs to be limited to just you and our staff member. We will ensure you leave us with images from your scan free of charge to share with your partner/family after you leave. If you would like to discover the sex of your baby with your partner, please ask and we can put this in a sealed envelope for you to open together after you have left.
You are very welcome to arrive with your partner, who can wait outside/in the car for you which would mean that, for the small number of women who unfortunately receive sad news, we can call your partner and they can be with you quickly.
Our absolute priority is for you and your baby to be safe during this challenging time. If you have any concerns, please speak to your midwife. We are here for you and thank you for your amazing resilience and support.