Most exceptional nurses

I had knee surgery and had the most fantastic team of staff looking after me – just exceptional. The people who most stick out in my mind were Sally, Michele, Jes, Marcus and their teams, also the pain management nurse who made a huge difference providing superb health care, respect and compassion, never once was anything too much trouble, you were constantly their priority, they also all had a level of gentleness I have not come across in hospital before, basically genuine kindness.

Everyone, health care assistants, student nurses, housekeepers, porters just doing so much and with a sense of humour, excellent team work, made my stay even though painful, very pleasant. Exceptional physio care from Rob and Pete and co, warm and quickly they gained your trust and just lifted you to progress and see light at the end of the tunnel.

Special thanks to Sally who is just amazing, she enters the ward, scans it and within seconds any slightest problem is sorted, jugs filled, space tidied, forti juice in the flavour you will drink supplied. If it will make you feel better and more comfortable she will sort it.

I have had five surgeries in my life in many hospitals and never have I come across this most exceptional of nurses, warm caring and sense of humour. I really could ramble on more I am sure you can see how thankful I am but I really really was impressed.

Clinician performing 4D scan was perfect for the job

Yesterday I went for a 4D scan and I would just like to say that the clinician performing the scan was brilliant! She was very friendly, knowledgeable, chatty, and made me and my partner feel very relaxed and involved. She was perfect for the job in mine and my partner’s opinion, and made the experience all the more better! She answered all my questions, was very patient, and just seemed really nice!

Treatment was exemplary

My mother was in your care from Sunday 23rd until Wednesday 26th September, in Ward 9a. From the moment we called the ambulance to the time we collected from the discharge lounge, her care and treatment was exemplary. Quite amazing. Thank you so much

Friendly, proficient and CARING staff

How do you make an otherwise ordinary hospital extraordinary? You fill it with friendly, proficient and CARING staff.

I presented my self at A&E with something I expected to be dealt with by a minor procedure and a prescription for antibiotics. As it was a Saturday evening I expected long waits. Far from being taken as the waste of A&E time I feared I was, I was taken very seriously and, in fact, ended up being seen remarkably quickly considering my lowly place on the triage list, and was in fact admitted for surgery the next day.

From the moment I registered at reception to my discharge four days later, I felt that my condition was taken seriously and dealt with as quickly and efficiently as was humanly possible in a large and busy hospital. Even more impressive though, was that throughout my 4 day stay on ward 6A, every single member of staff I encountered, from ward cleaner to consultant, was engaging, friendly, humane and, yes, CARING.

It’s many years since my last stay in a hospital and I know much has changed in NHS patient care over those years, but I still feel my treatment was exemplary. I was a relatively self-sufficient and easily managed patient, but many of those around me weren’t, and I base my comments on how the trying and testing were treated, as well as how their greater demands did nothing to detract from my own level of care.

The other thing I found  very impressive during my stay was the thoroughness and, once again, the friendliness, of the cleaning carried out on my ward. Not the easiest of jobs to carry out with such obvious good humour, while still giving meticulous attention to the task in hand.

I’ve spent a few years around large corporate organisations and have seen way more than my fair share of Mission Statements and buzz words. I’ve seen them come and go and get ignored, but when I logged on here today and saw your Tag Line of “Clean. Caring. Responsive.” I thought “Bang On!”. Well done YDH, and all on Ward 6A.

Respect and kindness shown by everyone on the most scary day of our lives

Thank you Mr Shah and all your fantastic team for saving my daughter’s life on 30 July. Also for the amazing care, respect and kindness shown by everyone on the most scary day of our lives.

Thank you for saving my life

I recently became very ill after giving birth to my son. I would like to thank and praise all the staff on the labour ward, freya ward and intensive care unit for saving my life and looking after me and my baby son, as well as supporting my partner. Thank you we are all extremely grateful!

Breast nurses have been an absolute lifeline

I have recently completed eight months of treatment for breast cancer. The breast nurses at YDH have been an absolute lifeline, they seem to know when to make a phone call asking how you are. I found their team very knowledgeable and they were always there to support me through the past eight months which have been very difficult at times. Needless to say all of the staff who looked after me were excellent but special thanks to Nia, Becky, Jill, Mr Ansari, Jude (sister on Jasmine) and everyone in the Macmillan Unit.

Wonderful team of midwives

I would just like to say how wonderful your team of midwives are on Labour Ward. I have been there twice in the last week and early Saturday morning.  They were fantastic, very happy and really looked after me. I am only 24 weeks pregnant so didn’t expect to be there so soon but they did what they had to do and I was back home safe and sound – you should be very pleased with the team you have.

Praise for PALS officer

I would like to praise a lovely lady called Ali Male she has helped me so much to get things moving with treatment that i have been fighting for for ages she comunicated with me very well and she was generally concered about my welfare. She helped me get an appointment and has got things going in the right direction she has said to me to keep her updated she is such a little sweetie so I would like to say a big thank you to Ali for all her help and support thanks Ali.

Praise from a hospital consultant

I would like to thank all the staff from estates, ancillaries, nursing, switchboard and doctors (and anyone else I have missed) for my mother’s care during her stay.  I have been extremely impressed by the hospital’s ethos of care and excellent communication.  As a hospital consultant I know how important this is to the welfare of patients and families during stressful times. Keep it up.

Most impressed at hospital care

I have recently had a stay at Yeovil District Hospital – a new experience for me. I am very thankful for the dedicated professional and hard-working staff at the hospital. I watched the cleaners working hard to keep the wards clean and free from infections. A junior doctor even stopped to clean up a drink a patient had dropped. To see the doctor mop up the drink and say, we don’t want anyone slipping on this amazed me. The staff on the ward become a trained team in second to deal with an emergency. The food was surprisingly very good with a different menu to choose from every day. I would like to say well done Yeovil District Hospital and thank you.

Nothing but praise

My father attended the Queensway centre on Tuesday for a blood transfusion. He is an elderly, terminally ill man. I would like to compliment ALL the staff we came into contact with during our visit, my  father was treated with respect and dignity throughout his stay and will not be so worried when he has to visit again.

We have to visit Yeovil Hospital most weeks for appointments because of my father’s condition and, as a family, we have nothing but praise for the way we are treated. You read far to often in the papers about the state of our health service but we do not get told about the good experiences. Please pass on our compliments to everyone.

Excellent service and caring approach

I am writing to express our appreciation for the excellent service and caring approach from all your hospital and ambulance staff following the admission of our daughter to the resuscitation room very late on Friday night.

The paramedic ambulance staff were amazingly supportive and re-assuring as well as efficient and skilled in managing the situation, They were even kind enough to follow up with us a few hours later when they were back in the hospital, an act of generosity and kindness which was really so helpful to us at a time of great vulnerability and worry.

The resuscitation unit staff were re-assuring and helpful, and treated us with kindness as well as exercising their clear professionalism. We would like to thank the doctor and the nurse in resuscitation, who cared for our daughter and were so supportive of us at such a difficult time. Our daughter was transferred to the Children’s ward on level 10 where we also received the same caring and professional approach. She was discharged on the Saturday morning.

We would be very grateful if you are able express our thanks and gratitude to all the staff, for both their professionalism, kindness and the real human touch they gave in supporting us. We felt enormously relieved and grateful to live in a community with a health service which is not only readily available but is staffed by such dedicated and caring professionals.

Care out of this world

I had to stay in your hospital a few weeks ago, and the care I was given was out of this world. I was on the coronary care unit on the 8th floor, the staff were just great i cant thank them in words because words cant say how i feel for them, their hard work is a credit to your staff and to you. I was made to feel at ease and relaxed and be reassured all would be fine in the end, and now I am back home in biringham. Would you please give all the staff my very best for me and thank you again from my wife and I. Thanks for making our stay that bit special in your care.

Brilliant lady!

My son was admitted to A&E and I would like to say that Nurse Jackie was absolutely lovely. Very professional, calming and kind. She managed not only to care for my son but soothed him and explained very clearly what and why. Brilliant lady! I hope you are able to pass our thanks to her.

One Stop Breast clinic caring and professional

Please pass my grateful thanks and compliments to all the staff I saw today at the One Stop Breast Clinic, including mammography and ultrasound scanning. Everyone was caring and professional, explained what they were doing, and the doctor gave me the choice to be rung at home rather than have to stay in Yeovil and return to the clinic in the afternoon for results. When she did ring, she made some helpful suggestions about having an open appointment for the next 12 months, so I can come back if necessary without having to be referred by my GP again. I was very impressed with every aspect of the service. I am very grateful for the NHS!

Praise for A&E

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the A&E department. I came in with my toddler this morning as I thought he had swallowed my rings. Everyone from the lady on the reception desk, to the nurse, doctor and x ray department were helpful, professional and very efficient and kind. Thankfully, it was a false alarm but I really appreciate everything that was done for us.

A superb organisation

I would like to highly commend Mr Khan and all the staff who were running the Day Surgery carrying out sigmoidoscopy today, Saturday 2nd June. I arrived in a state of trepidation and was immediately calmed by the two top-rate nurses working “front of house”. They were thoughtful and calm as well as being accurate with their intimate questions and professional inquiring nature.

Mr. Khan was the very best. He not only re-assured me that my bowel complaint was not as serious as I had dreaded and not the big “C” but he listened to another symptom I had in my bladder area and diagnosed a problem with my prostate which I never suspected (nor my GP). Mr. Khan prescribed antibiotics and sent me on my way feeling 100% better than when I arrived at 8am that morning.

I would be most grateful if you could pass on my whole-hearted thanks to all concerned and congratulations to you and the management for the superb organisation and staffing of that department.

Staff thanked for care of dying father

The nurse in the resuscitation room was just lovely she was efficient in caring for dad but spoke gently to him. The members of your palliative team arrived to ensure dad was comfortable and in no pain. They found a cubicle in the CDU and shortly after dad went to sleep. About 12 hours later dad passed away, quietly and in no pain. The staff there looked after both of us so well. I sat with both my mum and my husband as they passed away, both in some pain and distress at home, and I am so grateful at least my dad didn’t suffer. I saw an item on television recently that nurses were being taught ‘compassion’. I have to say that none of the staff I met through those many hours need any lesson in compassion. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart

Staff in A&E are a credit to you

I just want to say that I had cause to visit the A&E department yesterday with a dislocated shoulder. The staff in A&E are a credit to you and the wider NHS and reinforced the good name that I have come to associate with Yeovil Hospital. I was attended with speed and the utmost consideration despite the fact it was clear the staff were working very hard. My compliments to the ward sister who ran a truely professional team and to the charming Dr Ahmed who relocated my shoulder (after much whinging from me). Please pass my compliments to the Chairman of the Trust and his Board.

Cheerful, kind and put me at ease

I would like to say a big thank you for the care i received at Higher Kingston ,for the kind staff in the theatre addmission lounge who put me at ease and for all the staff of ward 8B who gave me great care and consideration all amazing right down to the girl who did the cleaning and the guy who came round with the tea, all so cheerful and kind nothing too much trouble and last but not least the surgeon Mr Farooq with his expertise did both the proceedures i required at the same time and for stopping the pain i was in I think we are very lucky in this area to have such an excelent hospital with such amazing staff; I can’t thank you enough.

High standards of care given by all of the staff

Following an emergency admission through A&E to Ward 7A at New Year, followed by a laparoscopic cholecystectomy and overnight stay on Ward 8B last week, I wanted to thank everyone involved. I have been immensely impressed by the kindness and high standards of care given by all the staff with whom I came into contact and observed, by the spotless cleanliness and appearance of the Hospital and the excellent teamwork and attention to detail in evidence throughout. As a retired SRN,SCM all I can say is that despite all you read in the papers these days, all the best of the NHS is still very much alive and well in Yeovil District Hospital.Thank you all!

Marvellous treatment

On 6 December I was admitted into Yeovil hospital with a fractured ankle. I spent 11 days in hospital and had to have two operations. I would just like to say how marvellous my treatment was. Hundreds of people must (directly or indirectly) have been involved in my care and I would like to say thank you to all. Please pass this message on to all concerned.

Care, concern and kindness

I have spent five days on Ward 8B having a knee replacement and I would like to thank all the members of staff on that ward for the care, concern, and  kindness that they have shown to me.They were all brilliant and thanks once again.

Exceptional level of care and attention

While spending several days in the CCU I was priviledged to receive an exceptional level of care and attention from an amazing team of nurses, without exception. I also witnessed every other patient on the Unit not just recieving good medical care but personal care which only comes from people who are genuinely committed and dedicated. Also, from the minute I was looked after by paramedics at my home, the treatment I recieved from the A&E staff, the porters, the paramedics who transported me to and from Yeovil to Musgrove Park, to Ashley from the Coronary rehab department, I was impressed by how well I was looked after, supported and informed.

New mum can move on after support from breast clinic

I just wanted to thank all the amazing nurses, staff and doctors who helped me with my breast scan/mammagram. I have been referred by my GP as I have recently had my second baby (at YDH) and had some issues with breast discomfort. I was booked in with the breast clinic for an examination, mammagram and a scan. I was in and out of the hospital with ‘no problem’ diagnosis after two and a half hours. You guys were amazing, I felt very reassured and comforted by your care and at all times felt informed of everything that was going on. We are so lucky in this country to have fantastic hospital services like this. Thank you again YDH. I now feel relaxed and can move on and enjoy my new young family.

Praise for maternity

I am writing to thank Yeovil District Hospital for the high quality of care provided to my wife and new baby boy, who was born at Yeovil District Hospital during the evening of March 15. The standard of care provided by the Labour Ward midwives and medical team during delivery and aftercare exceeded my expectations. At all times the staff were very welcoming, making my wife feel very comfortable, as well as highly professional. A post birth complication was dealt with very efficiently by the clinical team with the issues and risks very well explained by both the duty paediatrician and anaesthetist. Once transferred to the Freya Ward the high standards continued. At all times the staff were highly supportive to all new mothers. This was especially evident during his re-admission to restore his weight loss. In addition the standards of cleanliness and tidyness throughout the hospital were evidently high at all times giving me great confidence that my family were in good hands. I would be grateful if you could pass on my thanks to all concerned.

I highly commend you

I recently left the above ward after a brief stay and wish to commend the day staff, as they were terrific but especially an auxiliary nurse, I believe, called Natalie who was exceptional and worked like a headless chicken there. It is by far the best ward/hospital I have stayed in (I am originally from Cardiff) and excellently run. I highly commend you.

Treated with the upmost respect

At the end of last November I was referred to YDH about a problem I had with my hand (Dupuytrens).I was seen on the 13 Dec and the operation to correct the problem was carried out on the 10 Jan. Since then I have been attending the Physiotherapy Dept. I have now finished. I would like to express my thanks to everybody concerned, the Orthpaedic (outpatients) Dept., the Day Surgery Unit and  the Physiotherapy Dept. I was treated with the upmost respect  and efficiently everywhere, and I am very grateful, one hears so much about the lack of respect elderly people receive, my experience at YDH has been the opposite. Please pass on my thanks to all the departments concerned.

You should be extremely proud of the care you provide

Our father was looked after with such dignity and respect by staff on ward 9A and the ICU. He passed away while on Kingston, who were equally kind and compassionate. We, as his children were afforded every consideration at this extremely difficult time. We thank you so much for making our fathers last days peaceful and managed in accordance with his and our wishes. Thank you.

Macmillan unit welcoming, kind and considerate

I have been treated at YDH for three years for Ovarian Cancer. I attend outpatients at 6 weekly intervals in the Macmillan unit. I feel it is important to not take for granted, and to make a comment on, the excellent care and attention that I receive when attending my appointments. My consultant Clare Barlow, my Nurse Eileen Fort, the trial drug nurse Kerry and the outpatients nurse Sophie are all very welcoming, kind and considerate. The whole department makes an effort to smile, greet me and ask how I am. This does not go unnoticed. I feel touched at their kindness during their very busy working day; where I am undoubtedly one of many.

Yeovil Hospital is one of excellence

I was admitted to Yeovil Day surgery ward on Thursday 16 February 2012, and I was thoroughly impressed by the service provided. From the initial consultation, through the pre-admission clinic to the actual operation itself, the service provided by all staff members was of the highest quality. I was kept fully kept throughout the process. My impression os Yeovil Hospital is one of excellence.

Staff efficient, caring and kind

I would like to say a big thank you to all the surgeons and staff on the kingston ward for fixing my broken wrist before christmas. I found the staff efficient, caring and kind and felt at total ease during my stay. Thank you ever so much from the bottom of my heart.

Treated with respect and kindness

My Mother was in, and died in your hospital. I just want to express my thanks for the way that she was treated, with respect and kindness. In all my personal dealing with the Junior Doctor, the Cardiologist, the Ward Sister and the rest of the staff on Lovington Ward. I was given full information concerning her condition, so that I and the rest of my siblings could fully understand what was happening. Thank You. I want to make a special mention to the Ward Sister, who when she was removing my mother rings from her fingers, at the request of the family, after my Mum’s death. She still spoke to my mother and told her what she was doing. I would like my comments passed to your Chief Executive.

Ward spotlessly clean

I would like to write and compliment the Ward sister and all the staff on Ward 8B I spent an overnight stay following an orthopaedic surgical procedure and was very impressed with the care and organisation of the nursing staff. The housekeeping/cleaning staff were superb and the ward was spotlessly clean. Having been a ward sister myself I was very impressed and would like to offer my thanks to the ward team.

Care meant a lot

I would like to thank Dr Praphull Shukla for all his help on Thursday night in A&E. My husband came in with epileptic seizures following earlier brain surgery. We were due to see the Oncologist in Bristol on Friday morning and Dr Shukla did all in his power to make that happened even though my husband was kept in over night on EAU. Thank you for your support and that of the EAU staff who managed his  discharge so speedily, it meant a lot and we made the 11.30am appointment with five  minutes to spare! Making that appointment took a lot of strain off both of us and was greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Thanks to A and E and Montacute staff

May I express my sincere thanks to all your staff in A & E and Ward 8B over Xmas and Boxing Day. They could not have been more considerate, proficient and cheerful despite having to work while the world outside was enjoying the main holiday of the year. Everyone had a cheerful comment and that took most of the edge off my anxiety. Please thank them all on my behalf from consultant to cleaner.

Excellent service in urology

My husband was treated today in the urology clinic. I simply wanted to say thanks for the excellent service he received from the doctor and nurses. We are always treated with the utmost respect and we are very grateful.

Good service in A&E

I brought my daughter to A&E two days ago with a broken wrist. The service in A&E was very good. We were booked in within a minute, we were only in the childrens waiting room less than five minutes. The triage nurse ordered the xray, which was done within five minutes, so we knew the wrist was broken within about 20 minutes of arriving. The whole visit took about an hour and a half including having the plastercast on. Thank you.

Thank you for the care and attention I received

During the past three years, I have been admitted to Yeovil Hospital on three occasions each for a different reason. I should like to express my thanks for the care and attention which I received on each occasion. The NHS has often been and always will be an easy target for the media. This overlooks the fact that thousands of patients receive high quality nursing care every day. I feel we are very fortunate to have such a pool of expertise available in this part of the world. Please accept my good wishes for all that you and your colleagues do, day in and day out.

Excellent care given

My son was admitted to A&E with a head injury on Sunday night. He received excellent care. I was not with him and phoned with a query on Monday. I was given a very comprehensive explanation, given time to ask questions and can only compliment the whole department for the excellent care given. Thank you to all the A&E staff.

Staff deserve a pat on the back for their work

I had to take my son to A&E today 1/11/11. He had been suffering from a very very bad headache. The nurse who saw him first was very thorough, she took his blood pressure,temp and blood glucose level.Then we saw a Dr who was very nice and also thorough, he did lots of things to check my son, balance etc. He advised that my son was sufering from migraine. He gave us advise and said we could go. I just wanted to say how professional they were, and as much as its not nice to have to go down there it wasn’t a bad experience. All too often you get complaints but your staff deserve a pat on the back for there work. Thank you again.

Thanks to all the Staff who cared for me during my stay: Not being a regular hospital guest, and after reading some of the horror stories about NHS hospitals, it was with some trepidation that I was whisked off to Yeovil Hospital by Ambulance recently. However I can only say very many thanks to all the Staff who cared for me during my stay. I was treated with kindness, care and consideration by all. The ward is kept spotless, CCU (By LISA). Even the food was very good. Many many thanks to all.

Kindness and compassion should be recognised and valued

On the behalf of myself and family I would like to say a big THANK YOU, to everyone involved in the care of my father. My dad was admitted to your Hospital four weeks ego with abdominal pain which was quickly diagnosed as a cancer. We could not be more grateful, for all the help, support and tender care he was receiving during his stay on the Coronary Care Unit, Ward 9B, Ward 7A and Intensive Care Unit. Unfortunately, dad passed away on 11th October, which came as a shock to us all. We take peace in knowing, that till the end he was in a good hands, and both medical and nursing staff done everything they could to save his life. We will always remember it. Kindness and compassion of these good people should be recognised and valued.

Marvellous care and service

I opened my paper this morning to read more bad press for the NHS – shame they didn’t ask me. I had a mere broken finger but spent the day yesterday at Yeovil District Hospital being given marvellous care & service. From the charming ladies in X-ray to the hard-working A&E & finally the excellent Physio department, I received treatment that was excellent. All of your staff (and I met many in a five hour stay) were amiable, helpful & courteous – nothing seemed to be too much trouble. Members of the different depts even escorted me to the next one. Thank you

Praise for Day Surgery

I came into Day Surgery on Monday 3 October for an endoscopy. I was very apprehensive about the procedure but only opted for the throat spray rather than the sedative. I wanted to send a quick message to thank the nurses that I saw that day, they were above and beyond what I expected and their care and attention was superb. The service from when I checked in at the reception to going through to a cubicle and being able to ask any questions about the procudure, through to having the procedure. When I went through I was so nervous but the nurses were so caring and nice and really made me feel at ease during what is a very unpleasant procedure. So, I would like it if my thanks were noted and passed on to them as they really were excellent nurses and this should be recognised.

Plaster room – a very pleasant department

It is four months since my husband and I were in a terrible car accident. My husband was admitted to Taunton and I was admitted into your hospital. The whole situation was so overwhelming and had such a big impact on me, physically as well as emotionally, that I never properly thanked staff for taking care of me. We have made a good recovery and all the injuries we suffered in the accident do not give us any problems any more. I found the plaster room a very pleasant department – maybe because of all the water involved for making the plaster and the choice of colours. Thank you very much for your care and also for cutting my husband’s plaster (even though he was not a patient at Yeovil) which was needed for our flight back home.

Cannot fault the care and attention received in CCU

To say thank you to ALL of the staff who cared for me during my recent emergency admission to the CCU. I cannot fault the care and attention I received or the support and advice given to my wife which was much appreciated. This was the first time I had been in hospital as an adult and I was very very impressed. Again, thank you.

Care and kindness was outstanding

I recently was admitted to A&E and had a stay on EAU. The care and kindness I received was outstanding. I also observed the care given to other patients on the ward and cannot praise the nursing and medical staff highly enough. They were all courteous and kind in their approach and considerate of the patients’ needs and worries. I am not an ideal patient as my only thought was to get home as quickly as possible but all the staff were patient with me and thoroughly explained the reasons why I needed to stay. I would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff.

iCARE promise in action

I visited Yeovil Hospital yesterday and attended the Rehabilitation Therapy Department, in the 10 minutes I was sat in the waiting room I witnessed your iCARE promise in action. The old lady sat next to me had arrived with her Grandaughter however her appointment was for the next day, the lady had come from Chard and was a little upset she had got the wrong day. The staff in the department found a “cancellation” and saw the Grandaughter so they would not have had to visit again tomorrow, the lady will have gone away with a great impression of Yeovil Hospital and its staff.

Almost at the same time I witnessed members of staff secretly signing a card obviously for another member of staff, a little later these members of staff gathered in an office to present a bag and this card to a member of staff, very caring colleagues! How fantastic to see in action your wonderful iCARE promise in such a short time!!

A very impressed member of the public

Praise for respiratory department

I just wanted to thank Dr Sinah and all the team on the Chest department (particularly Kate Brookman) for my fantastic treatment and faultless conduct after my recent diagnosis. Couldn’t have asked for nicer people and the support I was given through a rather unpleasant procedure was second to none. Thanks to all of you. You do a wonderful job and it is appreciated

Mum delighted to see baby’s face

I travelled from Bristol to Yeovil Hospital on Monday 22 August for a 4D scan. I’d just like to write a quick note about the sonographer, Jane. She was very friendly and approachable. She did everything she could to ensure we got the best views of our baby girl. She didn’t even mind when I screeched the first time I saw the baby’s face. She made the experience much more enjoyable and I’d like to thank her very much. Please pass my comments onto her and her manager.

Dedicated and professional staff on Ward 7A

After being admitted as an emergency case whilst on holiday, I feel I must praise the efforts of  the staff of this excellent hospital. Whilst being some 230 miles from home and critically ill, we were in despair. Fortunately due to the superb care, the dedication and professionalism of the staff on Ward 7A and Mr Farooq’s surgical team I am now at home recovering. I will be forever grateful for the superb care I received which helped to make the situation easier to bear.

Well done to A&E

On the evening of 10 August I brought my daughter into A&E with a badly broken forearm. We were on holiday from Ireland and she had fallen whilst running across a play area. I am writing to express my gratitude for the excellent care she received at your hospital. She was superbly looked after from the moment we arrived and the severity of the break was realised. As a father with a young daughter crying in pain, that I couldn’t rectify, I felt pretty helpless. It was a huge relief for me to meet so many genuinely kind people who had her best interests at heart. She was x-rayed yesterday in Waterford Regional Hospital and the break is mending as it should with no further manipulation or pinning required. A big thank you to Joanna Maggs, who did an exceptional job, and to all those who helped us that evening. Once again, my heartfelt thanks.

Appreciated being treated as a ‘person’ and not just a ‘patient’

I ‘escaped’ from YDH yesterday after a short stay. I had been admitted with suspected appendicitis. That diagnosis turned out to be a very nasty ruptured and gangrenous appendix. It was removed by Dr S Varadharajan and his team the same evening. Despite the difficulties he managed to do the job and clean up the resulting mess in my abdomen laparosopically. He obviously has great surgical expertise, but also was an extremely good guy to deal with. He made time in his busy schedule to talk to me and answer any questions which I had. I greatly appreciated being treated as a ‘person’ and not just a ‘patient’.

One of the greatest benefits of the minimal surgical intervention to me, as a self employed person, is that I can return to work in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to Access

Having waited for several months for a date for surgery I was thrilled to be contacted by Leanne from the Access Team with the offer of a cancellation date. Leanne has put up with me phoning frequently to ask if a date has been set and has been amazingly helpful. It’s nice to get to speak to someone like Leanne when I have been stressed about waiting for a surgery date.

Thanks for treating me with respect

My father-in-law was recently visiting from Cambridgeshire and was taken ill (he has terminal prostrate cancer). He wants the A&E staff to know what a wonderful job they did in dealing with him and changing his catheter bag. He said the main thing was he was treated with respect and as a real “person”. Thank you

Praise for staff across the hospital

My elderly mother was admitted on Saturday evening, 9 July, complaining of back pain and after being found on the floor by her carer. Since Sunday, when I first telephoned to enquire how she was, I have experienced overall politeness, helpfulness and a willingness to share her condition and treatment with me. From the switchboard receptionist, to the ward receptionist, the staff of Wards 7B and Ward 6B, nurses, staff nurses, sisters, occupational therapists and physiotherapists, each one could not have been more helpful or friendly. In an age where people seem hell-bent on complaining or even suing as a matter of course, I can honestly say, that I cannot think of one instance where the hospital personnel could have been more accommodating. Well done all of you – you deserve a pat on the back for doing a job which cannot be easy.

Bigger and swankier hospitals don’t come close to Yeovil

I was admitted to your ICU last week after a visit to A&E. I was not expecting this and was feeling rather overwhelmed, I also had my children with me. I just want to say that the standard of care I received was fantastic. The staff in A&E made sure my children were looked after and comfortable while I arranged/waited for childcare and they were sympathetic and supportive. During my stay everybody I met from the catering staff right up to the consultants were amazing, friendly, competent and helpful. I found the hospital to be clean and well run and I cannot praise the nurses enough, especially on ICU. My health is now rather poor and I expect another stay with you again but I feel more relaxed about it than perhaps I may otherwise done had I not had such a positive experience last week. So to all involved I would like to say a big thank you and keep up the good work. By the way this was my first visit to Yeovil hospital, I recently moved here from Leeds and although the hospitals up there are bigger and swankier to look at they don’t come close to Yeovil in terms of patient care, hygiene and service. Thanks again.

Recognition for eye department reception

I would like to make special reference to how very helpful Jean O’Brian (eye department reception) has been in recent weeks. My father is moving from Yeovil to live next door to me in Cheltenham. Jean pushed the boat out to try to give Dad a review appointment before he left Yeovil which was booked for 14th July. Unfortunately, this was cancelled but realising how important I felt that it was for him to be checked before the move she re-booked it for Monday 25th July knowing that he would be moving shortly afterwards. This gives us time to get him referred into Cheltenham for continuing care. I felt this needed recognition.

Kind staff

They were so nice to me I can’t thank them enough all so kind x

Thanks for Diabetes department

I recently attended a DAFNE diabetes management course. It was run by Dr Pramodh, ably assisted by Jane Puzey, Ruth Hammond and Mel Crocker. I want to thank them all for their care and attention; their motivational leadership and advice. I am now much more in control of my diabetes and can look forward to continuing improvement in my lifestyle and health. Thank you!

Made to feel comfortable and secure

I came to the Day Surgery Unit on 2nd June for a minor procedure. In today’s climate of  complaints and moans I feel it important to also compliment where appropriate. From start to finish I was made to feel comfortable and secure. All the staff demonstrated a high level of professionalism and the staff nurse who clerked me in was extremely helpful in the fact that she gave some extra information which she didn’t have to do expect that her caring attitude shone through. I would like to thank the entire department for their caring attitude which does go a long way in helping patients relax and cope with the unexpected – thank you.

Thanks to Maternity

I would like to thank Yeovil Hospital Maternity Ward and the labour ward for looking after me whilst I was in labour with my second IVF/ICSI baby. I have been meaning to write for a while but been so busy with a new baby. The baby is now 14 weeks and asleep, so I have time to write!!! Steph and Sally (Midwives) were fantastic during the birth and all the wonderful staff who looked after me during my labour on Freya and during the day and a half spent at the hospital whilst getting to know my new baby. I cannot thank your amazing staff enough for all their love and support, they do an amazing job to help us new mums on our new pathway. I hope Steph, Sally (night midwives) recieved the box of chocolates I sent to them. You will always be a positive beautiful memory that helped complete our journey to obtain our second child. It was a beautiful birth.

Fourth operation – gets better all the time

Following prostate surgery on 31st May, I spent three days on Ward 8B, where I received the most excellent care from the kind and highly professional staff.

Grateful thanks to my Urology consultant and his team. For their kindly patience and understanding.To the outpatients team for outpatient tests – for making what could have been an embarassing and unpleasant series of tests so easy to deal with. To all the team on Ward 8B for their care, consideration, and friendly, highly professional nursing.

This was my 4th operation at Yeovil Hospital – it gets better all the time! Well done and grateful thanks to you all – you are a great credit to the NHS.

Grateful shoulder patient

From my first consultation with Mr Chambler to my discharge on 27 May. I was treated with so much care and courtesy I thought the staff mixed me up with a VIP. The nurses, sisters and even the matron were so friendly and professional it was a pleasure being ill!!!! The food was good varied and hot and hot drinks were always available. The checking procedure whether for drugs, blood or anything was faultless. Thank you to all who looked after me after my shoulder op on 8B on the 26/27 May. My thanks also go to the discharge staff down on level 2, you were very helpful, and yes I did need my pump!

Eternal gratitude for hospital staff

My wife was taken to the A&E Department on 20 May, and admitted to ward 7B/EAU. Her condition worsened and she was transferred to ward 8A the following week. She did not recover, and died peacefully on 23 May. We have nothing but praise for all the staff we encountered in those difficult days. From the staff in A&E, to the staff on 7B and ward 8A. When I was advised by Dr Broadley that he believed my wife had about 72 hours left with us, we were there, my family and myself around the clock until the end. At no time were we treated with anything other than kindness, sympathy and gentle consideration. After my wife had passed on we were grateful for the way we were left to grieve in peace until we were able to say our last farewell. These staff will have are eternal gratitude, and we wish for the Chief Executive to be made aware of how wonderful these staff are. May I also take the opportunity to express our gratitude to the receptionist on the late shift on Sunday 22, for her kindness and help, also the porter who transferred my wife to the ward.

Urology patient says thanks

I was admitted on 20th May under the Urology team and must say that I was most impressed with the efficiency of the service. The Theatre admissions lounge was different, but worked very well indeed. Ward 8B, Sr.Michelle Woodward and all her staff were really first class. The ward was very clean and everyone was friendly and efficient. Please make sure that all, from consultant to cleaner, are made aware of my views. Very well done.

Positive experience in day surgery

I came in for an Arthroscopy on May 11 and I would like to thank everyone on the Day Surgery ward that day. From the Receptionists to the Surgeons, and everyone in between. I found the staff to be courteous, positive, helpful and responsive. It made what is potentially a nervous time into an environment in which I felt safe and in professional hands. Many thanks again to you all.

Hip replacement gave freedom after 35 years of discomfort

May I please convey my gratitude to Mr. Paul Latimer, and team, following my total right hip replacement on the 6 May. It has given me freedom of movement to get around after 35 years of arthritic growth and restriction. I gather it was a long and awkward procedure. Since the op, I have not felt anything in the way of pain or discomfort. I hope the same team will be assigned to undertake the replacement of the left side in about four months time. My thanks, also, to all the day and night staff on ward 8B, who looked after me during my short stay. Thank you all.

Praise for midwife

My daughter was born on 31 March at 03:19. I would like to compliment our midwife Kerry Casey on the personal care she provided. I couldnt have been in better hands during the labour and delivery and feel that we were very lucky to arrive at the beginning of Kerry’s shift! Kerry was very supportive and nothing was too much trouble. I felt very relaxed and able to share personal information with her as well as being able to laugh and smile during the experience! Please could you pass on our thanks to Kerry and ensure that she is recognised as playing a very important role in our lives.

Treated with kindness and consideration

I would like to thank you for the excellent treatment I have received. On 14 March I experienced a curious sensation in my left arm that did not instantly go away. So I went to A&E and was diagnosed with a suspected TIA. I underwent a wide variety of tests on that day and during the subsequent four weeks. The conclusion was that I had a rather idle heart that was intermittently stopping for a few seconds. I was advised to have a pacemaker fitted, advice I immediately accepted; and the device was implanted the next week. Now, six weeks further on, everything is working fine, the wound is healed and I’ve been signed off for the next six months. I’m feeling better than I have for a long time and walking up hills is no longer a problem. Throughout this period, I have been treated with kindness and consideration: I have never felt rushed; all your staff have had the time to explain and answer my questions. This is not only the doctors, nurses and technicians that I met, but also the unseen secretaries that answer another set of questions and no doubt facilitate the whole process. The interdepartmental liaison has been faultless, and my appointments have been on time or early. Yeovil Hospital has been a pleasant place to visit, and the little café in the Outpatients department is a great benefit. Finally, though I was only admitted for about 36 hours, I thought the catering was good; I never ordered anything, but what I fancied from the menu was available and very acceptable. I am extremely grateful, and most impressed.

Children’s ward staff cared for anxious parents as well as baby

Our six month old daughter had to spend a few days in the children’s ward last week. All the doctors, nurses etc were brilliant at not only looking after her with horrendous chickenpox – but also anxious parents!

Staff were kind, reassuring and caring

Two weeks ago, I attended Yeovil District Hospital day surgery unit to have my troublesome gall bladder removed. I was a little apprehensive at the prospect of surgery, particularly as this was to be my first ever general anaesthetic! However, although a natural reaction, my apprehension proved to be needless. From the moment I “checked in”, the atmosphere in the day surgery unit was one of calm professionalism and all the staff were kind, reassuring and caring.

Thanks to the skill and dedication of Mr T Farooq and his team, my procedure was performed without a hitch and the nursing care I received both before and after surgery was outstanding.

I appreciate that staff at the hospital are busy people but I would be very grateful if you could pass my thanks to those involved in my care, a small recognition they richly deserve.

Nothing was too much bother in Jasmine Ward

Just having spent three days in your ward I felt I must write to say thank you all for the care I received during my stay. The ladies kept the ward so pristine, together with the cups of tea and the lovely food I enjoyed and the way it was laid on the tray. I thank you.

Nothing was too much bother for you although you all were under such pressure. I want to extend my thanks to the nurses whose attention and care I received and who went out of their way to keep me pain free and comfortable.

I also want to thank the theatre staff for looking after me so well during my procedure. I expand my gratitude to Mr Osaba who I felt safe with and whose beaming smile warmed my heart and the amazing surgery he performed giving me a new lease of life.

You are all the amazing heroes of this world and I am grateful to you all. From the bottom of my heart I thank you all.

Caring staff in A and E and excellent stay in Jasmine

I am writing this letter following my recent stay in Yeovil Hospital. I was admitted via the A and E Department where the staff were very caring and explained everything that was going to happen. From there I was admitted to the observation ward and despite the staff being extremely busy; they still found time to talk to me and explain what was happening.

By all the information I received the hospital was experiencing a severe bed shortage. Despite this the staff never gave up trying to obtain me a bed. This was eventually located on Jasmine Ward.

I spent two days on the ward the only way to explain my stay on there was excellent. The staff are caring, polite and keep the patient informed at all times on what is happening with their treatment. The thing that amazed me is how clean the ward (in particular) and the hospital (in general) is – the hospital is bright and a very pleasant place to stay.

You should be proud of your staff who are a credit to the hospital. If I ever hear another bad word said about the hospital I will not be pleased. Mrs B, Yeovil.

Great hospital and service

I wish to thank all staff in the Endoscopy and X/RAY departments. The way I was attended to, their skill, and kindness was excellent. Great hospital and service.

Staff a credit to their profession

I would like you please to convey my heartfelt thanks to all the staff on ward 6B. My mother spent her final days in the ward and the professionalism and friendliness of your staff helped her, and the family, in this difficult time. She was given all possible comfort and dignity while she was there and we much appreciate it. Without detracting in any way from all the others, I would like personally to thank Sarah Godfrey for her help and compassion through a long and difficult night vigil. It is obvious to me that your staff are doing much more than “just doing their job” and are a credit to their profession and your organisation. Once more, thank you

Cleanliness superb – food ‘hot and tasty’

I have just spent three days in your care on 7b EAU. All of the staff were excellent, the care second to none. The cleanliness of the ward was superb and hand washing strictly adhered to. Food more than adequate, hot and ‘tasty’. Many many thanks to all.

Excellent and professional treatment in Charlton Ward (6A)

My father in law was admitted to Yeovil Hospital and was placed under observation following a fall. He was later transferred to Ward 6A where he remained until his discharge. He was under the care of Dr. R Sophia and the GP was Dr Dracass. We want to express our heartfelt thanks for the excellent and professional treatment afforded to him. He told us the hospital staff were brilliant and made him feel at home. When we called, the phone was answered, the staff knew who he was and we were told what the situation was. In these days when all you hear is complaints about the NHS, you deserve to feel good aboutwhat you do and how you do it. A special thanks to the ward sister also. I attended Mr Chambler’s day surgery for a rotator cuff repair, stayed in overnight and, following a wait of a couple of hours for him to tell me what he’d done and ‘sign me off’, I left Ward 8B (Montacute Ward).

I have frequently had cause to visit people in both ICU and conventional wards at a neighbouring hospital and have never seen the attention to detail with regard to cleanliness that I witnessed in 8B that Wednesday morning. A young woman entered the ward and gave everything the clean of its life over a period of about two and a half hours; floor, walls, beds, chairs, window areas, curtain rails, etc., etc. I asked her if this was a special ‘Spring clean’. I was astonished to hear her reply; “No, I do this every day”

I thanked and congratulated her on the superb job she was doing and I confess to musing to myself that what I had just seen probably largely explained why YDH has a much better record than other hospitals for MRSA.

You appear to be running an extremely clean, efficient and happy ship. Well done you! Fantastic job and many thanks from me and all the others who haven’t even noticed but have enjoyed the efforts of your excellent team.

Well done A & E

I just wanted to pass on thanks on behalf of my family regarding my father’s treatment in A&E. Dr Ravi and the team in A&E and radiology were excellent. Whilst they were extremely busy they all maintained a helpful, friendly and efficient service, which was very reassuring for both my father and all the family. Dr Ravi was very thorough and explained things very clearly, and asked us to call him with an update on my father’s progress today, which I think signifies how caring he is. Well done Yeovil Hospital, I was very impressed.

Isolation room in Kingston Wing

I have just spent 7 days on the Kingston Wing. I was not a private patient but I required an isolation room when there were none available in NHS wards.

I wanted to write and say how impressed I was with all the hard working team on the ward. They were kind, caring and professional. All the staff were impressive; the health care assistants, the housekeepers and of course the nursing staff.

They all listened to me and took the time to help sort out my situation. I would of course like to mention individuals but will not for fear of missing someone out.

All the staff introduced themselves to me and were clear in explaining what treatment they were going to give me or even if they were the person to ask if I wanted a cup of tea.

It was a very long time to spend in hospital in one room and I think it was due to the staff that I managed to stay sane!

Thanks to day surgery team

I would like to say a big thank you to your day surgery team. My step-father was scheduled for surgery yesterday. We arrived just before 1pm, were called in shortly after and shown to a cubicle. Everywhere was very clean and attention to detail such as artwork on the walls, walls between beds instead of curtains, gowns that tie at the front – all these things make such a very big difference. All of the team took time to explain what would happen and I really appreciate the understanding they all showed. If you could pass on my thanks to all of the day surgery team for their excellent service that would be much appreciated.

Thanks for the cheerful and loving kindness

I am writing to thank each and every member of staff from the specialist team (doctors, nurses, night staff and all personnel) not only for the 100% expertise of their services in 6B (Misterton Ward) but also for the cheerful and loving kindness in ALL departments of investigation I attended where I was helped in every way possible and in that fearful weather with staff coping with high demand. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

A good experience in Montacute Ward (8B)

In a week during which NHS nursing has been under attack, I wanted to express my thanks and satisfaction with the care I received during a brief stay in Ward 8B last week. The nursing staff were attentive and helpful and the ward seemed to run very smoothly. The same was true of the catering contractors and, whilst it is obviously difficult to provide food to everyone’s taste on a limited budget, I believe that they performed well in the circumstances. So overall, I had a very good experience in Ward 8B and would be grateful if you could pass my thanks to those cheerful, hardworking people who make it work well.

Chaplain and 7B staff praised

These days we hear a lot of negative reports about the NHS in hospitals but I would like to tell you that last week I was involved in a bedside vigil on my brother who eventually passed away in his sleep on ward 7B and I found nothing at all negative in his treatment.

Myself and my brother’s wife were treated very sympathetically by all the staff from Matron Tina Weston right the way down to the ward cleaners. The staff on ward 7B are a credit to the hospital and the NHS as a whole. The outstanding professionalism and care the nurses showed in treating my brother and making his last few days of his life as comfortable as it could be was second to none and I will be eternally grateful.

I would also like to mention the hospital chaplains John and Rosemary, nothing was too much trouble for them and, as a practising Christian, I know they were a great comfort to my brother.

Finally I would like to make a special mention to thank the nurses who carried out last services on his body.