Most patients need to make their own travel arrangements to and from hospital, but support is available for those who have specific transport requirements due to medical need; for example if you require medical support during the journey, or would be unable to get into or out of a vehicle unaided.

Your GP might arrange transport for you when you are referred for treatment at Yeovil District Hospital. However, unless you are either medically unfit to travel by any other means or have no other means of transport (i.e. driving yourself or being driven by family or friends, etc.) you will need to arrange this yourself.

Like the majority of hospitals, Yeovil Hospital does not provide patient transport services itself. Because of our location we are served by two separate Patient Transport Services covering Somerset and Dorset. To find out more about the criteria used by these services, and how to access their support, follow one of the links below.

Patient Transport Services for Somerset

Patient Transport Services for Dorset

Since 1 July 2019, booking for Patient Transport Services in Dorset is undertaken by the NHS Patient Transport Advice Centre (PTAC) by calling 01278 727457.

Callers to PTAC will have their needs assessed by a member of the team and – if eligible – transport will be arranged via the existing provider, E-Zec.

If the caller is not eligible, PTAC will signpost them to other appropriate alternative services such as voluntary car schemes, community transport schemes, public and private transport, whichever best meets their needs.  Healthcare Travel Cost (HTC) reimbursement scheme information will also be made available to them.

If someone you know is currently a patient in our hospital

If you or a member of your family is already an inpatient in our Hospital, our Patient Transport Coordinator will discuss transport requirements and, where necessary, help make the necessary arrangements to get you/them home safely as part of the discharge process.

Other support available to patients

If you find you are not eligible for NHS-funded patient transport there are still other subsidised alternatives which can help – not only with your journey to and from hospital, but also with essential visits to your GP, optician etc,

Somerset Community Transport Services 

Dorset Community Transport Services