Please read this page carefully and if there is anything you do not understand, or if you require further information, speak to your nurse or physiotherapist.

Trigger Finger Release

This operation allows the tendons which bend your finger to move freely again by releasing the channel they glide through, thus allowing the finger to straighten properly.

On The Ward

You will be visited by the doctor, who will discuss the operation and give you an opportunity to ask any questions. The site of the operation will be marked and your written consent for the operation obtained. All jewellery on the affected side should be removed.

After The Operation

You will be offered mild pain relief medication to take for the first 2 to 4 days to deal with any discomfort you may have. Severe, continuous pain should be reported to your doctor.

To aid the removal of swelling in your hand, it is essential that you follow the instructions below:

  1. You will be supplied with a sling or collar and cuff to keep your hand above your heart when standing and walking. Use this for the first 48 hours after surgery.
  2. Remove your sling hourly so you can do the exercises described in the next section.
  3. When sitting or lying, support your arm and hand on pillows at heart height.
  4. If you experience excessive swelling of the hand and fingers, it may indicate that the bandage is too tight, particularly if, in addition, the fingers are very painful, numb, cold or blue. If these symptoms are not improved by exercising the fingers as described in the next section, contact the your own doctor or the Emergency Department of your local hospital.

It is extremely important that you practice the following exercises for approximately 5 minutes every hour during the day in order for your hand to heal with maximum movement following the operation. Slow, controlled exercises are more effective and more comfortable than quick movements.

The exercises should be started as soon after the operation as possible and be performed within the limits of the bandage:

  1. Stretch your arm above your head.
  2. Bend and straighten your elbow.
  3. Bend your wrist backwards and forwards.
  4. Gently stretch your fingers and thumb apart.
  5. Bend your fingers to touch the palm of your hand as if to make a fist – then straighten.
  6. Try and touch the tip of each finger with your thumb.
  7. Hook fingers – then straighten.

The stitches will be removed 10-14 days after your surgery. This will be done by the Physiotherapy Department or at your GP Surgery.

Follow-Up Care
The outer dressing needs to be removed 48 hours after your operation. If you have been given a physiotherapy appointment for 2 days after your surgery, this will be done for you at this time. Otherwise, you will need to make an appointment to see the Practice Nurse at your GP surgery for this to be done.


If you require further information or advice, please contact one of the following:

Kingston Wing01935 384519

Physiotherapy Department:
Monday – Friday (between 8.30am and 5pm) – 01935 384358

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Review date: 12/17