On the day of your operation

Be aware that the hospital does not open till 7:30am. When you arrive, please go to the main reception in the old building. The nursing staff will collect you and take you to the Castleton Day Unit.

Please wear loose clothing, ie. open neck blouse or shirt.

It is important to carry on with any eye drops which you are  currently using. You should continue to take all your normal medications and bring a list of your current medication. If you are a diabetic, you will receive further instructions regarding your diabetic medications. If you take warfarin bring a recent INR result with you.

Depending on the surgery you are having, you may need to have eyedrops or a pellet instilled one hour before surgery. If you have any questions or worries, please ask the doctor or your nurse.

Do not wear any make-up or nail polish.

Do not bring in any valuables

The anaesthetic Eye operations are carried out under local anaesthetic. Currently this involves putting eyedrops in the eye prior to and during the surgery. You will need to lie flat and still for up to three-quarters of an hour while the operation is performed. During this time, a nurse will hold your hand.

After the operation

The eye will be covered by a clear shield which you should wear every night for 1 week to protect the eye. You will be seen again in outpatients by a doctor approximately four weeks after your operation. There is an emergency
number at the bottom of this page to call if you develop any problems.

The recovery period

Usually the vision in your operated eye improves within 24-36 hours after the operation. However, it may take about one month before the focusing has stabilised completely, after which time you will need an eye test and possibly a change of spectacles, which can be arranged by your optician. We will advise you when this is appropriate.

For the first week after the operation, you should avoid any severe exertion such as lifting heavy objects or digging the garden. You should avoid getting shampoo in your eye when you wash your hair. Avoid rubbing the eye.

How to find us

The Castleton Day Unit is part of the Yeatman Community Hospital, located in Hospital Lane, Sherborne, close to the A30.

Visitors have access to car parks in Hospital Lane and Back Lane although spaces are limited. There are two car parking spaces available for disabled drivers at the main entrance of Yeatman Community Hospital.

Additional information

Please do not drive until advised by the eye doctor.

You may use the eye as much as you wish but if the bright light hurts, then wear dark glasses.

Our aim is to make your visit to the hospital as pleasant as possible and please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions or concerns.

Contact us

Castleton Day Surgery Unit
Yeatman Community Hospital

Telephone: 01305 361528

If you need advice regarding your appointment, contact:
Admissions Officer: 01935 384565

If you require any medical advice, contact:
The Eye Clinic: 01935 384309 / 07584 312399 – Between 8am – 5pm Monday to Thursday and 8am – 1pm Friday

Out of hours contact Emergency Department at Yeovil Hospital:
Telephone: 01935 384355

Ref: 08-15-102
Review: 06/17