This information leaflet has been provided to you to explain the process following having a urinary catheter inserted in the emergency department or Ambulatory Care.

You will be provided with a catheter passport and patient information leaflet that will help you understand how to care for your catheter and give you contact numbers should you need extra support. You will be given limited supplies for your catheter and may be registered with a home delivery service if further supplies are needed.

If you are not registered to have home delivery before discharge then you will need to contact your GP surgery to organise additional supplies as soon as possible after your discharge.

A referral is then normally sent to the Urology team if appropriate to be vetted to assess if it is safe to proceed to a trial without catheter appointment (TWOC). If this is deemed appropriate an appointment will be sent to you but may take 2-4 weeks depending on availability. On some occasions it is deemed necessary to be seen by a Urology doctor prior to the TWOC appointment for further investigation.

Until your Trial without Catheter appointment, it is important that you or your carer manage your catheter properly and change your bag/flip flow valve on a weekly basis. Please approach your discharging Nurse if you need further information.

Ref: 18/21/56
Review: 02/23