I came into Nursing as a mature student after working in Commercial Pharmaceuticals on Phase 1 studies. I trained with the university of Plymouth and spent the first part of my career at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital working in Oncology and Haematology. I moved to Yeovil and was a Chemotherapy Nurse in the Macmillan Unit. I joined the Clinical Research Unit at Yeovil as a Generic Research Nurse. I am passionate about evidence based practice and offering patient choice; current treatments and procedures are informed by past research and we are learning all the time.

As a Generic Research Nurse I work in a variety of areas, making my days varied and interesting. As a team we have been involved in the urgent public health studies and we have contributed to the knowledge and treatment of Covid-19. I also have a strong passion for patient involvement and helping to ensure patient voices are heard, so that research is tailored to the needs of patients.

In my time away from work I am a keen Gardener, plant enthusiast and Motor biker. If anyone is thinking of Clinical research as a career I can highly recommend it for the challenges and rewards it brings professionally. We will approach patients to take part in any research that is relevant to them and support them in making an informed decision that is right for them.

Email: nigel.beer@ydh.nhs.uk

Telephone : 01935 384615