Patients of Yeovil Hospital are benefiting from brand new equipment, to promote patient enablement.

The Hope Project, also known as ‘Having Occupation Promotes Enablement’ is an initiative to help further improve patient activity by keeping individuals active and engaged while in hospital, preventing patients from deconditioning both mentally and physically, preparing them for their return home.

A donation bid for was placed to the League of Friends charity by Yeovil Hospital’s Consultant Allied Health Professional Deborah Lane.

Deborah said: “By receiving the donation from the League of Friends, we can further our hospital’s ethos by getting patients to support themselves. When a patient uses the new equipment, their eyes light up, they seem to have more confidence and a sense of purpose, they even beginning to interact more with one another. Just because they can’t move in the way they used to doesn’t mean they can’t be themselves anymore.”

Three pieces of equipment were donated to the Hope project;the first being a ‘gym in a box’ which provides exercise equipment which patients can use from their beds or chairs to help increase physical activity. The donation also included a portable Occutrolley, which allows staff to hand out a range of creative activities for patients to enjoy to help prevent boredom, loneliness and decrease anxiety. The third piece of equipment donated was the NARNIA Project Wardrobe. The NARNIA (Nightclothes ARe Not Ideal for Activity)  Project enables patients who are unable to arrange for their personal belongings, such as clothes or toiletries, to be brought in for them, to have a place to get clothes and essentials for themselves. The Narnia Project follows the psychological benefits of ‘Dressed is Best’, which focuses on getting patients dressed and out of bed as soon as possible to begin their recovery.

Chairman of the League of Friends Anne Bennett said: “Having the opportunity to make a valuable difference to patients has been a pleasure for all of us at the League of Friends.”

The Hope Project is a collaboration between a number of different departments throughout the hospital, supporting patients to feel more like themselves and be more independent once they go home.


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