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Yeovil Hospital is inviting anyone wanting to know more about bone health to come along to a free talk.

The educational talk is being given by Clare Cockill, osteoporosis and fracture liaison nurse specialist at the hospital.

The session will be held on Friday 23 October between 2 – 4.15pm, in the Academy, on level four at Yeovil Hospital. It is aimed particularly at people who are being treated for, or have been diagnosed with, osteoporosis and osteopenia. The session will include information on understanding how these conditions are diagnosed, what the results mean, risk factors, treatments, and any problems which can occur. There will also be information on practical things you can do to benefit your bones, including advice on strength and balance exercises from a physiotherapist.

Tea and coffee will be provided by the local National Osteoporosis Support Group, who will be on hand with more information about osteoporosis and help answer any questions you may have.

Clare said: “It is important to identify osteoporosis or an increased risk of fracture early because there are good treatments available, which can reduce the risk of osteoporotic fractures. If you have already had a fracture following a slip, trip or fall and you’re over the age of 50, then you may be at increased risk of further fractures. You could also be at risk if you have certain medical conditions or if you have to take certain drugs.

There are now specific tools to help assess fracture risk and identify those at higher risk for bone density scanning and/or treatment. Your GP can carry out an online fracture risk assessment to estimate your risk of fracture over the next 10 years to see whether you are at increased risk. They can also decide if you need a referral to the Falls Service to reduce your risk of falling, because this is the cause of most fractures.”

Places can be booked on this session by leaving a message for Clare on 01935 384 569. The talks are very popular and booking a place is recommended as numbers are limited at each session.

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