The Orthopaedic Department is staffed by a multi professional team including Medical staff, led by the Clinical Director, Nurses, led by the Matron, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and other supporting agencies.

Patient consent

Our commitment to you is to inform you of all aspects of the intended procedure you are to undergo. You will then be required to ‘consent’ in writing to your procedure. Following your individual consultation with your surgeon, should you wish for further clarification of any aspects of which you have been informed, please ask the nurse who will be happy to clarify issues.

Data Protection Act

Your name is entered onto our computerised database, enabling us to keep effective clinical records. Under the Data Protection Act you have the right to view any records held by Yeovil District Hospital. Please ask a nurse should you wish to access them. If you or your representative wish to have copies then you will have to give your written consent for a copy to be made. You will have to pay for this copy.


You have the right to have a chaperone provided by the Hospital, during any examination and certain procedures. You may choose a family member or close friend or carer. You also have the right to choose a carer to be involved in your care.


Smoking is actively discouraged, particularly prior to and immediately post operatively, as this can add to complications of surgery. Yeovil District Hospital has a no smoking policy with which we request your co-operation. You may find it helpful to discuss giving up smoking with your doctor or practice nurse. Nicotine replacement therapy (patches or gum) may be considered, ideally four weeks prior to your admission to the hospital.

Dietary requirements

You will have a choice of meals to select from. If you have special dietary needs please inform a member of staff. Please feel free to remind the ward staff of your needs on your arrival.

Mobile phones

For the safety of all patients the use of MOBILE PHONES is restricted in some areas of the hospital and you may not be able to use your phone on the ward on which you are placed. Please ask the nurse in charge BEFORE you make a call.

Risk management

Yeovil District Hospital has comprehensive Risk Assessment Policies in place, which ensure that patients safety is assured and that areas of improvement are identified and an improvement plan implemented.

Manual handling policy

Yeovil District Hospital operates a Non Lifting Policy. Staff are available to assist your mobility needs and are trained in the use of equipment when it is required. Please ask if you need assistance to move.

Single-sex accommodation

Being in mixed-sex hospital accommodation can be difficult for some patients for a variety of personal and cultural reasons. Here at Yeovil District Hospital we understand this and strive to treat all patients in privacy and with dignity. For this reason, we have worked to ensure that we provide single-sex accommodation for all patients where ever possible. Privacy and dignity are at the heart of our policy and they are vital components of quality care. The over-arching goal is to deliver single-sex accommodation across the service, however the varied needs of different patient groups and clinical settings are recognised. There are occasions when mixed-sex accommodation is unavoidable, but patients’ privacy and dignity will always be assured.