App download and new account set up guide

This App allows you to view some of your sleep data and to send it remotely to the sleep clinic via Bluetooth. It is linked to your machine and your email address.  Your data is stored on a secure data base that only the sleep clinic can access.  The data includes your usage or compliance, the pressures you have been needing, how well your mask is fitting and how well your sleep apnoea is controlled.  It allows us to review all of your sleep data and change your prescription if necessary.  If you are having any issues or concerns you can contact us via email –  – and ask us to look at your data which saves you a trip into the hospital.

1. Downloading and initiating DreamMapper                    

a) Download the DreamMapper app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play onto your compatible smartphone or tablet.

DreamMapper is free to install and use.

b) Open the app and allow DreamMapper to send you push notifications by clicking OK.

c) Select ‘United Kingdom & Ireland’ as your country of residence and then click Save.

2. Creating a new DreamMapper account

a) Enter your first name, surname and email address into the appropriate fields. Please ensure we have the same email address on your records.

b) Create an easy to remember password for DreamMapper that meets the specified requirements. The password needs to comprise of a capital letter, a number and a special character for example you can use a ? or ! or #.

NB You will need to add your password twice, please be careful to add the same password both times as the app can, at times, freeze, and you will have to start again.  You will also need to remember your password for use in the future.

c) Add the serial number of your CPAP therapy device (13-digit code beneath barcode).

If you choose to scan the serial number, click Scan to open the camera, then launch, agree to the Camera permission by clicking the OK button.

Point the camera at the barcode labelling on the underside of your device. The serial number will be detected automatically within a few seconds and inputted into the Device Serial Number field.

If this is unavailable or will not work, the number can be added by typing the serial number into the box.

If you are happy with the terms and conditions you then need to agree to both of them.  Click Register.

d) Click the Accept button if you agree to the terms of using DreamMapper

e) Once you have set up your DreamMapper account you will receive the pop-up message below.

f) Select YES when asked if DreamMapper should use Bluetooth to transfer your therapy data – please make sure you have Bluetooth turned on-, on your phone or tablet.

3. Pairing DreamStation with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth

a) Make sure your Dreamstation is plugged in to the mains, then follow the instructions shown on the Bluetooth Setup screen on the App on your phone or tablet (see below).

b) When the request to pair the devices appears, turn the white control dial on the front of your DreamStation to select Yes. Press the control dial to begin pairing with your smartphone/tablet.

You may be asked to also confirm the pairing on your smartphone/tablet by entering a code which will appear on the screen of the DreamStation.

Note: Bluetooth pairing must be confirmed in approximately 5 seconds, otherwise it will timeout.

c) Once the Bluetooth pairing has been established, DreamMapper will perform an initial data transfer. Once this has completed you can start using DreamMapper.

Note: You can only see therapy data from the date you created a DreamMapper account. To send the data, open the App with your phone/tablet next to your Dream station, as the App opens it will search for new data and send it automatically to your records on our database. It will inform you that the data is transferring – see image below.

For any questions about DreamMapper, please email  or call 0800 1300 844