Yeovil Hospital has launched a new campaign asking patients to bring in the equipment they use at home when coming to hospital.

Whether it be a walking stick or wheeled frame, using familiar equipment gives patients the confidence they need to get up and about on the ward after an operation of a period of illness.

Physiotherapist Ewelina Dobrzycka Kolton is the driving force behind the initiative. Ewelina said: “The sooner a patient starts moving and regaining their independence, the faster they will recover. I often see patients on the wards who usually use some form of equipment at home but haven’t brought it with them. We can always provide walking aids but then patients have to get used to a new item at a time when they are already out of their normal comfort zone. I see a big difference in the confidence of patients who are using their own familiar sticks and frames compared to those who are using standard hospital stock.

“Sticks and frames do vary slightly so it is only natural that we get used to what we know, and many patients I come across have even used decorations to personalise them. I would love to see more patients bringing in the walking aids and equipment they use at home so we can support them in regaining their independence, and also have the chance to ensure the aid is still the best one to meet their needs.”

This is part of the trust’s ongoing End PJ Paralysis and dressed is best campaigns, encouraging relatives to bring in daytime clothing for patients to get dressed and out of bed each day, often speeding up their recovery.

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