We hope that you all have a pleasant Christmas whether you are sharing memories and dinner over video calls or sending hugs through the air.

Christmas sadly will be different this year and we know this might be hard on some, so we wanted to remind you all that there is a wealth of support available.

You can contact our Trust Lead for Pastoral Care, Linda Hann, who is happy to lend a helping ear. You can contact her on 07979 366805 7am-9pm Monday to Sunday.

We also have a brilliant team throughout the Trust, offering help to all our employees at YDH, whether that is signposting you to our Wellbeing Guides, a professional service or just when you need a chat. Call the HR team on 01935 384586 for more information.

We are also lucky to have numerous confidential support available online such as the National NHS support line and EAP or targeted help for bereavement or domestic abuse. You can find more services in the Yeovil Hospital Wellbeing Emotional Support Guide.

As a Trust we want conversations about mental health to be normal and for everyone to have the opportunity to have access to support they might need. We want to erase the stereotype and make asking for help a strength. Always remember there is help available 24/7. Especially as we face a new experience this Christmas.