This information is designed for patients, relatives, carers and friends and is to let you know how you can help support us at Yeovil Hospital to get the best possible recovery.

We are encouraging our patients to get dressed and mobile as soon as they are able in order to keep their dignity and to help them to recover quicker.

Getting up in the morning, washed, dressed in your own clothes and into a chair is known to promote recovery and also makes your stay in hospital mirror what you would do if you were at home.

Here is what you can do to help us when you or a relative or friend is admitted to one of our wards.

Hospitals throughout the country are signing up to this national campaign known on social media as #EndPJparalysis and locally at Yeovil Hospital have pledged to support this too. We refer to it as ‘Dressed is Best’ and we are committed to our approach of reablement, empowering our patients to live independently for as long as possible.