To reduce the swelling in your knee it is essential that you follow the instructions below:

Apply a pack of frozen peas, wrapped in a damp towel. Remove after 15-20 minutes. You can apply every two hours as required. Remove the ice if you experience excessive discomfort.

If you have been given a crepe or tubular bandage, use it during the day but ensure you remove it at night. Ensure it does not crease or cut it. Elevate your leg on a stack of pillows and ensure your knee is above your hip with the knee as straight as possible.

Walking aids

When you are advised by your doctor or physiotherapist it is important that you start bearing weight through your knee as comfort allows. This will allow the knee to heal with maximum strength.

It is also important to walk with a correct walking pattern. This is planting your foot down with the heel first and pushing off with your toes.

Return to activities

Your return to work will depend on your job. Please discuss this with your doctor or physiotherapist.

Please be advised about returning to driving by your doctor or physiotherapist. You will be required to perform an emergency stop to be able to return to driving. It is important to regain the strength as well as the reaction time before driving. Do not return to sport unless advised by your physiotherapist or doctor.


After your injury the muscles surrounding the knee would have become weak. The strength of the thigh muscle (the quadriceps) is vital to knee stability and prevention of further injury. It is important to preform the following exercises four to six times per day. Slow controlled exercises are more effective and more comfortable than quick movements.

You may experience some discomfort initially with these exercises which can be eased with the use of cold treatment. If your pain persists please contact your GP or physiotherapist.

1. Static Quadriceps Contraction

Pull your toes up towards you and tighten the muscles on the front of the thigh. As the back of the knee pushes into the bed you should feel a stretch at the back of the knee. Hold this contraction for five seconds.
Repeat ten times

2.  Knee Flexion in lying position

Sit or lie with your legs out straight. Gently and slowly side your heel towards your bottom until it feels tight then slowly straighten your leg.
Repeat ten times

3. Inner Range Quadriceps

Sit or lie with a rolled up towel under your knee. Keeping your thigh in contact with the towel slowly lift your heel towards you until your knee is as straight as possible. Hold for five seconds and slowly lower.
Repeat ten times

4. Mini dips

Standing, holding onto support, bend your knees slightly as comfort allows keeping your heels on the ground. Ensure that your knees do not go over your toes and that your knees do not roll in.
Repeat ten times

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