Flexion/ Extension of each joint

Bend each joint of the affected finger separately, blocking the joint below with your opposite hand.

Repeat _______________





Combined Movements

With your hand resting on the table;

1. Hook your fingers keeping your knuckles straight,
2. Bend your fingers towards your palm keeping your finger tips straight
3. Bend your fingers round into a fist
4. Stretch and span your fingers

Repeat _______________





Isolated flexor tendon gliding

    1. Bend /extend the finger tip, blocking the joint below
    2. Bend /extend the middle joint of the finger, keeping the other fingers straight

Repeat _______________






Extensor tendon gliding

    1. Start with a light fist
    2. Make a hook fist
    3. Extend the index finger
    4. Extend the little finger







Tendon gliding sequence

Complete the sequence as numbered

Repeat _______________






Lumbrical exercises

Span the fingers then bend the knuckles, keeping your fingers straight

Repeat _______________




Swelling Management

Using a bowl of warm water and a bowl of cold water, soak you hand in one for 30 seconds and then alternate with the other bowl. Repeat for 5 minutes to aid the reduction of swelling. This will help to improve your movement and reduce your pain.

Scar Massage

Using a non perfumed moisturiser, apply firm circular massage to the scar and surrounding areas. Complete for several minutes. Twice daily. Massage can improve the mobility of the scar and reduce sensitivity.