Castleton Day Unit

You have had your eye injection performed under local anaesthetic. The area surrounding the eye will remain numb for a few hours following the local anaesthetic.

Do not be alarmed if the eye feels sore and gritty.

As you have had a local anaesthetic, you should rest quietly when you get home and avoid lifting. We advise you to have someone who can accompany you home.

  • Do not rub your eye
  • Should you get any pain or discomfort, please take your normal pain relief tablets e.g. paracetamol
  • Small wisps floating/moving (floaters) in the treated eye are common for the first 24 hour

Important advice

  • If your eye becomes inflamed or painful, if you see bright flashing lights, if it looks like someone has pulled a curtain across your eye, or if the floaters have returned after 24 hours, seek medical advice
  • If you have pain in your eye, have taken a painkiller and 40 minutes later it is not any better, seek medical advice

If you require any medical advice, please contact:

The Eye Clinic (8.30am-5pm Monday to Fridays)
01935 606198
07584 312399

Out of hours, contact the Emergency Department at Yeovil Hospital:
01935 384802

If you need advice regarding your appointment, please call The Admissions Officer on 01935 609683

Castleton Day Surgery Unit,
Yeatman Hospital,
Sherborne, Dorset
Telephone 01305 361528

Ref: 08-20-103
Review: 01/22