To examine and treat an eye problem, we often have to use eye drops which affect the vision.

These are:

  • Anaesthetic or ‘numbing’ eye drops to relieve the pain. This may last several hours. It does not affect your vision, but the eye sometimes needs protection with an eye pad so that you do not accidentally touch the eye. Do not drive or operate machinery whilst wearing an eye pad. You may take off the pad to drive, but close the windows to avoid dust or grit blowing into your eye
    However, do not drive if the eye problem affects your vision at all
  • Drops to make the pupil large and relax the eye. These may last 1–2 days. Your vision will be blurred and bright lights seem very bright. Do not drive or operate machinery at all
  • An orange coloured dye to outline any scratches on the eye. This has no effect on your vision
  • Antibiotic cream or drops may give a few moments of blurred vision, but this should quickly clear after blinking the eye

If you have been given an eye pad – the eye should be closed under the pad so the eyelid protects the eye.

Remember to wash your hands both before and after touching the eye.

It is important to keep any follow-up appointment you have been given

Further advice and information

Call the emergency department on: 01935 384355

Review: March 19