Ideally you would have seen a physiotherapist first who can recommend specific exercises for your Parkinson’s (PD), but if not here is a guide to help you get started.

Early on, post diagnosis onwards, movement is fairly easy:

If symptoms are mild then optimise your physical condition now. Aim for 2.5hrs of exercise over the week and find something that you find fun and engaging that you can complete regularly.

For example:

  • Sport; racket sport, jogging, swimming
  • Attend classes at a leisure centre that feature aerobics and balance work
  • Use PD UK exercise links to find classes you can do from home
  • Look at Parkinson’s specific exercise groups, i.e. PD Warrior on line or via You tube(free videos to follow)

Staying active:

Keep moving even if symptoms are progressing. Remember to exercise the mind and body. Challenge yourself with dual tasking (doing two things at once i.e. marching on spot as you recall cities in Europe).

For example:

  • Consider golf, bowling, health walks
  • Classes: try Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates
  • Use PD UK to find links to LSVT BIG
  • Or the balance exercise video and Age UK exercise classes.

When physically it is more challenging, moving is more difficult:

Focus on the things you need to do daily i.e. getting up from your chair, turning, walking. Prevent discomfort by regular movement, changing positions, don’t stay sat down for too long.

For example:

  • Look for seated exercise groups locally
  • PD UK exercise links to the seated exercise class you can complete at home.


 Amended from the PDUK website

PD UK Access; type into Google to access Parkinsons UK.
Under the title Information & Support, click onto & then Treatment & Therapies. Click onto this then Exercise & then Toolkits. Here you should find exercise videos ranging from low to high intensity.
Click here for the website.

PD Warrior; these exercises can be accessed through You Tube for free but they can be tricky to follow if you struggle with co-ordination. You can sign up to a 12 week programme but it does come at a cost. You will have tuition along the way & exercise targets, so some find this incredibly helpful to get started. Click here for the website.

Age UK run a number of exercise classes across Somerset & Dorset. It is best to search via their website here to see what is currently running in your area.

South Somerset District council website also has information on local health walks available in your area.

Local Exercise Class
Currently there is a PD exercise group running at Westlands Sports & Leisure Centre on Wednesday’s,  1.30-2.30pm, £3.50 a session. This must be booked so call 01935314652 or via

Ref: 16-22-127
Review: 06/24