Your child has sustained an injury of the wrist bone which has been diagnosed as a buckle fracture.

Children’s bones are soft and very flexible. For this reason, instead of breaking all the way through, the bone has a small crack or kink on one side only. This type of injury heals very well and will not cause any long term problems.

We have provided your child with a wrist support to make them more comfortable and to reduce the chance of further injury. The splint should be worn day and night for three weeks. The splint can be removed for bathing / showering without risk to the fracture.

The splint will help to reduce the level of pain, but your child may also require painkillers. You can give them paracetamol and ibuprofen regularly for the first few days and after that, just when needed. Please read and follow the dosage instructions carefully.

When the splint is removed after three weeks, your child may complain of mild stiffness and aching. This is normal and should settle quickly but may require further pain relief.

Sporting activities, physical exercise and rough play should be avoided for another three weeks to avoid the risk of re-fracture. Therefore, your child should not take part in these activities for a total of six weeks from the injury.

Buckle injury of the wrist:


Buckle injuries are treated with a splint, and sometimes a sling if needed:



If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this injury, please contact the fracture clinic on:

Telephone: 07584 580 655

Ref: 09-17-114
Review: 09/18