On Thursday 2 December at 3.15pm, bells rang throughout ward 10 at Yeovil Hospital as an enthusiastic Imogen rang the ‘End of Treatment’ Bell before being embraced into a family hug.

In 2019, when Imogen was two years old, she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, a cancer that affects white blood cells. Although this type of cancer is rare, it is one that usually only seen in children.

For the last two years, Imogen has received life-saving treatment to help fight her leukaemia, moving between Yeovil Hospital for regular check-ups with her community nurse to Bristol Royal Hospital for Children for her chemotherapy and infusion treatment.

Imogen’s mum Rowan said: “The last two years have been incredibly difficult for our family but seeing Imogen finally ring the bell is such a phenomenal moment we hoped we would reach. Seeing your daughter face the toughest of circumstances at such a young age is heart breaking, but looking at her now has made all the sacrifices and difficulties worth it. She is such a brave, strong girl and I couldn’t be more proud of her.”

The charity End of Treatment Bell donated their first bell in 2014 and since then have given more than 340 bells to hospitals throughout the world, giving the gift of hope and courage to young patients and their families. Yeovil Hospital has been a lucky recipient of a bell from the charity and it is always a cause for celebration when another child can grab the clapper and make it chime.

Each bell has a poem engraved onto the rim that is read out in the celebration ceremony. The words read:

“Ring this bell 
three times well
its toll to clearly say
my treatment’s done
this course is run
and I am on my way!”

Play leader Rebbecca Batson said:  “For Imogen, and any child who has cancer, ringing the bell is a huge milestone in their treatment. It symbolises the end of a challenging situation and that they are ready to move on with their life. A moment that is so incredibly humbling to be a part of.”

The End of Treatment Bell is not just a bell, it is a symbol of hope that we all love to hear.

From all of us at Yeovil Hospital, we send our best wishes for a wonderful future to Imogen and her family.


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