Intradermal BCG vaccination has been given today.

Please note:

  • No injections should be given in the arm used for the BCG vaccination for 12 weeks. Further injections, if needed, can be given in the other arm.
  • A small lump or ulcer (up to 1cm in diameter) may appear at the vaccination site after one week. This may take up to 12 weeks to disappear.
  • No dressing is required unless an ulcer forms, then a dry dressing should be used (not elastoplast).
  • Normal bathing and swimming is allowed unless an ulcer forms.

If any of the following things happen, consult your GP or respiratory nurse specialist:

  • Ulcer has not healed after one month
  • Any general skin reaction

Please do not hesitate to contact the respiratory nurse specialist if you have any queries on 01935 384507.

Ref: 10-18-124
Review: 03/23