Booking appointment

Important update during Coronavirus Pandemic.

For the safety of you and your baby, as well as our staff, please attend all appointments alone. We welcome one partner to support you when you are in active labour but we have to limit the number of people entering the hospital at this time. There are a few exceptional circumstances but this must be agreed with the Maternity team prior to your appointment time.

Our absolute priority is for you and your baby to be safe during this challenging time. If you have any concerns please speak to you midwife. We are here for you and thank you for your amazing resilience and support.

All women wishing to have their baby at Yeovil Hospital are required to be booked with the midwives. The first booking appointment can be booked from the sixth week of pregnancy and usually takes place between eight to nine weeks gestation. Currently booking appointments are via telephone.

If you are pregnant and need to book a first appointment with the midwives, please complete the self referral form found HERE 

Ultrasound scans

Important update during Coronavirus Pandemic.

Our wonderful radiology team perform your scans in small rooms so this unfortunately also needs to be limited to just you and our staff member. We will ensure you leave us with images of your scan free of charge to share with your partner/family after you leave. If you would like to discover the sex of your baby with your partner, please ask and we can put this in a sealed envelope for you to open together after you have left. You are very welcome to arrive with your partner, who can wait outside/in the car for you, which would mean that, for the small number of women who unfortunately receive sad news, we can call your partner and they can be with you quickly.

All women booked at Yeovil Hospital are offered two routine ultrasound scans in pregnancy, these are usually held in the first trimester between 11-14 weeks and then again in the second trimester at 20 weeks, and performed by our team of sonographers based on the ground floor of the women’s hospital. The first trimester ultrasound scan will be able to confirm your pregnancy dates, give you an accurate due date and also check on the health of your growing baby and placenta. At your booking appointment, your midwife will discuss with you the scan choices available and if you wish to have combined risk screening for genetic conditions such as Down’s, Edward’s and Patau’s Syndromes. For more information on pregnancy screening and the choices available to you please speak to your midwife or our antenatal screening midwife Natalie Phipps. You may also find information in the screening booklet provided in your booking pack, alternatively information can be found online here. At 20 weeks, the second scan provides an opportunity to fully see your baby, this is otherwise known as the mid pregnancy or anomaly scan. This scan takes a detailed look at your baby’s bones, internal organs, brain, spinal cord and abdomen to check that your baby is developing normally. It is important to note that ultrasound scans are medical examinations but are limited and cannot always detect every abnormality. At 20 weeks it may also be possible to find out the sex of your baby if you choose, however this is dependent on whether your baby is lying in the right position! Unfortunately, if the sonographer is unable to determine the baby’s sex on the day you will not be offered a further medical scan.



Further information

4D Baby Bonding Scans Important update during Coronavirus Pandemic. 4D scans have been temporarily suspended.

First trimester Screening


Yeovil hospital is a smoke free site and the midwives work in partnership with StopSmoke services in the south. We have a specialist StopSmoke midwife, SallyAnne Batstone, who can provide support in cutting down and quitting smoking during pregnancy. You may ask your midwife to be referred to StopSmoke services at any point in your pregnancy.

More information

Stop smoking before your caesarean Stop smoking for mums to be For more information click here For help quitting click here 

Important update during Coronavirus Pandemic.

We are offering Webex antenatal classes.

To find out more please join Yeovil Hospital Maternity Unit on Facebook.


Important update during Coronavirus Pandemic.

We have temporarily stopped the hire of our TENS Machines.


Important update during Coronavirus Pandemic.

We have temporarily suspended the Aquanatal Classes





Important update during Coronavirus Pandemic.

We have temporarily suspended the Hospital Tour, please watch our virtual Tour. Please join Yeovil Hospital Maternity Unit on Facebook for the latest information.


Day Care Assessment Unit (DCAU) are a small team of dedicated midwives that run the daily outpatient clinic. The midwives work alongside our obstetric colleagues to provide care for women who need extra monitoring after 20 weeks of their pregnancy. DCAU is open every day of the week from 09.00-1900 weekdays and on weekends at 09.00 -15.00. DCAU have booked appointment slots for women needing monitoring for pregnancy specific conditions such as:

  • Reduced fetal movements
  • Obstetric cholestasis
  • Rupture of membranes (waters breaking)
  • Raised blood pressure
  • Review of ultrasound scans
  • Anti D administration
  • Ferinject infusions for low iron levels

You may be referred for a DCAU appointment by your community midwife, from antenatal clinic or if you call the labour ward with concerns. The assessment and monitoring in DCAU may involve observations, monitoring the baby’s heart rate, blood tests or emergency scans if necessary. Each treatment and plan of care will be discussed fully with you at your appointment. DCAU can be busy at times so please be patient if it takes a while to ensure you receive the best care, there may be times when our doctors are called to attend emergencies elsewhere which may delay your visit. If you are concerned about you and/or your baby please contact labour ward in the first instance on 01935 384350 and you will be guided on what to do next.

For any admission or appointment please make sure you bring your handheld pregnancy notes with you to enable us to give you the best and most accurate care possible.

DCAU Contact: 01935 383127