What is XEN implant surgery?

The XEN Gel Implant is positioned in your eye to make a new lasting passageway to allow excess fluid to drain from inside the eye into a small bleb under the skin of the eye, just under the upper eyelid.

You will generally have no sensation from the presence of the bleb. If there is any pain or discomfort, please let us know.

On the day of surgery

Your eye may be slightly blood shot and swollen for a few days. A gritty or slightly sharp feeling may be present in the days after surgery, this is normal.  If, however, any substantial eye pain occurs, seek advice immediately.

Your vision

The local anaesthetic takes several hours to wear off and may affect your vision during this time. The vision may be blurry for a few days after the procedure. The XEN Gel Implant will begin to work straight away to lower your eye pressure.

Eye drops

You will be given new anti-inflammatory and antibiotic eye drops to prevent inflammation and infection. The anti-inflammatory drops will normally need to be continued for two to three months.

Any previous Glaucoma eye drops will no longer be needed for the operated eye but continue with previously prescribed eye drops in your non operated eye.

If your eye becomes sticky

Bathe the eye lid with cotton wool soaked in cooled, boiled water.

The plastic shield and eye pad

The plastic shield and eye pad over your eye will be removed the following morning in clinic. However, you should wear the shield at night for three weeks to stop you touching or rubbing your eye while you sleep.

The shield can be cleaned with soap and water.


As with all eye surgery, you should avoid strenuous activity for the first month including swimming, tennis, jogging, and contact sports.

Most people take one to two weeks off work after surgery; however the length of time will depend on the nature of your work.


At your post-operative clinic appointment you will be advised on your driving. Please do not drive until your doctor feels it is safe to. Look at your vehicle insurance policy about any clauses on eye surgery prior to driving


There is no need to change your glasses straight away, but some patients will benefit from updating their glasses sooner than they normally would.  If you have had your cataract removed at the same time, then please update glasses four to six weeks post operatively.


You will need to return to the hospital either the next day or two days later

For additional advice regarding your next or future appointments please call the admissions officer on 01935 384 565.  

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the following

  • Eye Clinic at Yeovil Hospital
    8am – 5pm Monday – Thursday
    8am – 1pm on Fridays
    01935 606 198
  • Mobile Triage team
    07584 312 399
  • Out of hours
    Contact the Emergency Department at Yeovil Hospital
    01935 384 802



Review 04/20
Ref: 08-18-118