After your eye surgery


  • You will have some dressing over the eyes and under the nose. Take this off gently the next morning. The dressing may be stained with blood/ discharge. Clean the area with cotton soaked in boiled cooled water. Do not rub vigorously.
  • Spots of blood tinged fluid may be expected from the nose over the next three to four days.
  • It is usual to have a watery eye for some weeks after surgery until the swelling and inflammation settles, and the tubes are removed.
  • Swelling and bruising may involve eyes, nose and cheek, and may be more on the second/third It may take two to three weeks for the bruising to completely resolve.
  • You may have pain and can take paracetamol/ codeine as required. Asprin/ ibuprofen (NSAID’s) are best avoided in the first week post op.
  • Occasionally a silicone tube (stent) is placed in the passage from the eye to the nose.
  • This tube is usually removed in the clinic in about six to eight weeks.
  • Although it is barely visible, it may stick out like a loop from the inner corner of the eye or from the nose. DO NOT PULL on this. Gently place it back if possible. If it is causing any irritation you may call the clinic for advice (details at the end of this leaflet)
  • Stitches, if present will be remosved one week after surgery.
  • Follow up appointments- You will be seen at one week, (If sutures present), six to eight weeks and three to four months after the surgery. However, this may vary depending on the circumstances of your surgery.


Eye ointment: To be applied  in a thin layer over the wound; two times a day for one month

Eye drops: To be used in the eye on the operated side only:

  • Four times a day for one week, then
  • Three times a day for one week, then
  • Two times a day for one week, then
  • Once a day for one week

Continue with previously prescribed eye drops unless advised by your doctor or surgeon to stop

Nasal spray: To be sprayed in the nostril on the same side as the operated eye two times a day for one month. Ensure you are sat upright when spraying into your nostril.

You may resume your blood thinners/ anticoagulants (if applicable) on the fourth day after surgery. In the case you are continuing to have nasal bleeding even beyond the fourth day, contact us before restarting the medication.


For the first week:

  • RELAX: do not bend, stoop, lift, or exert yourself, includes yoga and bowling
  • For the fastest possible healing: Use a clean bag of frozen peas/ ice pack or similar to “ice your surgery area” as much as you can tolerate (whilst you are awake). It is usually recommended that you apply it for five to ten minutes every hour for the first 24-48hrs.
  • Maintain local hygiene as previously described.


For the first two weeks:

  • Avoid hot or spicy foods or beverages. These will cause the vessels in your nose to dilate and may prompt bleeding.
  • Do not blow your nose, to avoid causing new bleeding
  • Gentle exercise (walking) is fine, but you should avoid strenuous exercise (running, ball sports and fitness workouts),
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects
  • Avoid gardening
  • Avoid swimming or immersing the eye
  • Avoid bending with your head below waist level for extended periods of time (activities such as bowling and yoga)
  • Do not wear eye make-up or apply lotion to the incision. Use only the prescribed ointment.

If a severe nosebleed occurs, please follow these guidelines:

  • Pinch your nose firmly just under the bony part of the nose, and breathe from your mouth.
  • Do not tilt your head back.
  • If severe bleeding continues for more than five minutes, go to your closest Accident and Emergency department to have them pack your nose.

Seek medical advice as soon as possible if you experience:

  • A severe pain in or around your eye not relieved by painkillers
  • Increasing redness
  • Increasing swelling
  • Prolonged bleeding from the incision or from your nose
  • A sudden deterioration or change in vision

Urgently contact the numbers listed below

If you have any concerns please contact the following:

Eye Clinic at Yeovil Hospital
8am – 5pm Monday – Thursday
8am – 1pm on Fridays
Please call main reception on 01935 475 122 and ask for extension 6198.

Mobile Triage team
07584 312 399

Out of hours
Please call main reception on 01935 475 122 and ask for the Emergency Department.

Review: 03/20
Ref: 08-18-116