You have a small break in the radial head or neck. This is one of the bones of the elbow.

These fractures almost always heal well with time and use – no specific treatment is required and therefore routine follow up is unnecessary.

A sling has been provided to hold your elbow in a comfortable position for a few days. You should wean yourself out of the sling as your pain settles and aim to remove the sling completely as soon as you feel able.

You may initially require regular pain killers as it is important to keep gently moving the elbow. You can return to normal daily activities when you are comfortable to do so. This will prevent stiffness and ensure the quickest return to normal function. Forcible stretching is unnecessary, and is likely to cause pain and delay your recovery.

In the first few weeks, do not push yourself up or push heavy objects with your affected arm as this will cause more pain.

Symptoms are usually minor, but may take up to three to six weeks to settle completely. There may be slightly reduced movement at the elbow, especially on straightening it, but this is unlikely to affect your function.


If you are still experiencing symptoms after three months and you do not feel you are improving, please contact  the Fracture Clinic on:

Telephone: 07584 580 655

Ref: 09-17-116
Review: 01/19