Research has been run at the hospital since the 1990s and continues to gather momentum with more than 110 studies recruiting and on follow up.

Clinical research is, and has always been, at the very heart of the NHS. Only by carrying out research into “what works” can we continually improve treatment for patients, and understand how to focus NHS resources where they will be most effective.

The majority of the clinical trial work undertaken by the Trust has user involvement built in at the protocol design stage through to the format and wording of the patient information sheets and consent forms. Each of the research grant proposals have worked with local peer support groups to elicit ideas on study design, documentation and dissemination.

Each year, the department survey patients’ views of the care they received whilst participating in a study. In 2012, we developed the survey to find out in greater detail, which aspects patients were happy with and areas which need improving. Overall, the majority of the 100 patients surveyed had a positive experience and would enroll in future research. The information from both the research Nurses and clinical teams was of a high standard. Some of the Nurses have contact cards and it was felt that this would help in providing contact details for all the nurses and so this will be rolled out for all the research team.

If you would like more information about research at Yeovil please contact Joanna Allison, R&D/Clinical trials Manager by emailing