Our vision, priorities and values

Vision and priorities

The Trust’s vision and priorities describe our ambition and what is important to our hospital and our staff.

Our values:

iCARE – Communication, Attitude, Respect, and Environment

The principles of iCARE underpin all that we do within Yeovil Hospital; whether it is providing a life-saving treatment, or a warm welcome at reception.

Every member of staff and volunteer at Yeovil Hospital is committed to embodying the iCARE values through their work…

“I will communicate effectively with my colleagues, patients, and visitors to enable them to carry out their work to the best of their abilities, be involved in decisions about the care we are providing, and make the most of our services.”

“I will have a positive attitude toward my work and others, always focused on improving the experience of the patient.”

“I will respect patients, carers and colleagues at all times, valuing their beliefs and wishes and always taking these into account during my work.”

“I will help to create an environment which is conducive to good care and recovery, and in which people feel safe and comfortable.“

By all taking individual responsibility in meeting the iCARE principles we help to deliver our vision and create a hospital in which people want to work, and in which people want to receive care.

Green Plan 2022-2025

Together with Somerset Foundation Trust we have produced a joint Green Plan to set out our plans to become a carbon neutral NHS.

Our plan can be read by clicking on the image below.

NHS Green Plan Image with link to document