As a patient you are entitled to:

  • Be cared for in a clean and safe environment
  • Confidentiality about your personal and medical details
  • Receive prompt and appropriate attention
  • Receive full explanations regarding your proposed treatment including risks involved and possible alternatives. You should also receive full information on all aspects of your condition and the possible outcomes.
  • Privacy for examinations and consultations
  • The presence of a chaperone during examination if you wish
  • Support for your family and friends during your stay with us
  • Involvement in the planning of your discharge from hospital
  • Make your own decision as to whether you would like to allow students to be involved in your care
  • Have your views about the care you receive welcomed and respected
  • Be called by a name of your choosing
  • During your stay you may be required to have blood tests, x-rays or other investigations. If you do not understand the reason for a test or investigation please ask a member of the healthcare team.
  • Be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of your age, gender, race or faith.

We recognise that you have rights as a patient, but we believe that you also have responsibilities to the Trust and its staff.

They are:

  • To treat fellow patients and staff with respect and consideration at all times
  • To keep the team caring for you informed if you have any special needs so they can ensure that appropriate arrangements can be made for you
  • To inform your doctor or a member of your nursing team if there is any change in your condition or if problems arise during your treatment
  • To provide our staff with all relevant information regarding past illness, medication or any treatment you are undertaking
  • To observe hospital policies – for example regarding the use of mobile phones and visiting hours

Patient confidentiality

As healthcare professionals, we take confidentiality very seriously. We are handling sensitive information about you and your illness and all employees have signed a confidentiality clause.

However, sometimes results from investigations and tests can be used to benefit future patients. Anonymised data may be used without your permission so, if you do not wish your results to be used in this way, please tell your nurse and your decision will be fully respected.

Under the Data Protection Act (1998) you are entitled to gain access to your health records. If you would like access please put it in writing to: Health Records Manager, Yeovil District Hospital.