Open studies

Full title: An incident and high risk type 1 diabetes research cohort – After Diagnosis Diabetes REsearch Support System-2 (ADDRESS-2)

Summary: Characterisation of people with new-onset type 1 diabetes (<6 months duration) and their siblings who are free from diabetes. Participants consent to be contacted about other type 1 diabetes research.

Full title: Genetics of Endocrine tumours
Summary:  To identify genes which are involved in the development of endocrine tumours and tumours related to the endocrine system.

Studies in follow up

To assess whether blood tests, either alone or in combination with clinical features, can help us tell if a patient needs rapid insulin treatment and should be initially treated as Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. We will combine results from this study and existing previous studies to produce a calculator, called a clinical probability model that will allow doctors and patients to combine information from clinical features and (where necessary) blood tests to accurately diagnose what type of diabetes a person has and therefore give the correct treatment.